Does GameStop Give Cash for Consoles?

GameStop has been around since the 80s, providing customers with a way to purchase and trade in electronics. Nowadays, GameStop accepts more trade-ins now than ever.

GameStop accepts consoles, video games, smartphones, electronics, accessories, and more. But do they give cashback for consoles? Read on for everything you need to know.

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Does GameStop Provide Cash Back for Consoles?

GameStop provides cashback or stores credit for console trade-ins. The console must be in working condition, and all trade-ins are final. GameStop claims you can receive maximum value if you opt for store credit. PowerUp Rewards Pro Members might receive an extra 10% value on their items.

How Do I Trade-In My Console?

GameStop makes it easy for customers to trade in their used consoles, electronics, games, accessories, and even collectibles. Trading in your console to GameStop is a straightforward process to follow if you use the steps below.

Find a Store and Product Values

You’ll need to find a store before you can trade in your console or other electronics. You can use the official GameStop Store Locator anytime to find a location near you and the hours of operation.

Does GameStop Give Cash for Consoles

You can also search through the GameStop website to see up-to-date values for whatever you’re considering trading in. This way, you can have an idea of what to expect and where to go.

Prepare Your Console

You’ll want to prepare your console before you head into GameStop and make a sale. Gather any cords, chargers, controllers, or other accessories that go with your device. You’ll want to charge it, delete any personal data, and remove any SIM or memory cards.

You can also clean up your console a bit before heading to the shop. This may or may not increase your trade-in value, depending on the various factors.

Make the Sale

Head over to the front counter and ask about trade-ins after stepping into GameStop with your device. The clerk will access your item and the accessories and make sure it’s in working order. They’ll provide you with a trade-in value for both in-store credit and cash.

From there, you’ll want to choose whichever option suits your needs best. Keep in mind that in-store credit is typically higher than cashback. In fact, PowerUp Rewards Pro Members can get 10% extra value on certain items.

Is In-Store Credit Worth It?

In-store credit from GameStop is typically higher than cashback. You can use GameStop in-store credit on video games, consoles, accessories, and more, just as expected. However, you’re probably seeking cash back, right? Thankfully, there are ways you can use in-store credit to your advantage.

Consider a Gift Card Instead

Many people have found out that you can use in-store credit on a gift card instead of a GameStop card at a 1:1 rate. There are a variety of gift cards to choose from, including:

  • Applebee’s
  • Apple Gift Card
  • Google Play store
  • Fortnite V-Bucks
  • Shell Gas
  • Steam
  • Xbox Gift eCard

However, you can’t use in-store credit at GameStop for Amazon or Visa gift certificates. You can choose one of the gift cards available and transfer the full-trade in balance. Or, you can opt for a Shell gas card if you’re still searching for cash.

You Can Exchange the Gift Card

One way you can receive cashback from in-store credit is by selling the gift card you selected. Different gift-card-exchange websites will have different rates. However, gift cards like a Shell gas card can be useful because they’re always in demand.

Keep in mind that you may lose a little bit of money when selling the gift card. If you had a trade-in value of around $115, it might be closer to $100 after the sale. This might be due to the exchange rate or fees from the gift-card-exchange site.

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Will I Get Cash for My Console at GameStop?

GameStop offers cashback for consoles, video games, electronics, accessories, and other trade-ins. The item must be in working condition, and all trade-ins are final. To trade in your console, gather up all the necessary components, give it a quick cleaning, and bring it to your nearest GameStop. Keep in mind that the cashback value might not be as high as in-store credit.

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