Does GameStop Price Match Amazon?

GameStop offers new, used, and refurbished products. Although used and refurbished products offer cheaper options, many people are wondering if GameStop will price match new items.

So, does GameStop have a price matching policy, and will they match prices from Amazon? Here’s what you need to know.

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Will GameStop Match Amazon Prices?

Yes, GameStop should match Amazon prices with a few caveats. Although the policy is unofficial, in-store locations should match prices from competitors, excluding bundles, deals, and third-part vendors from Walmart or Amazon Marketplace. This means your mileage will vary when it comes to matching Amazon prices.

When Did GameStop Start Matching Prices?

GameStop announced that they would start price matching sometime in 2021 after the tough year they suffered previously in the stock market. The company made big changes to its leadership in an effort to switch directions and grow the company.

Matching the prices of their competitors is one way GameStop hopes to move the company forward. As of right now, the official price matching policy has yet to be released to the public.

What Does Price Matching Mean?

Price matching refers to a company matching an identical product price from a competitor. The company might pay the extra amount through vouchers, discounts, or cash rebates. Price matching is a technique many brands use.

Does GameStop Price Match Amazon

For example, GameStop might provide you with a partial refund if an identical product is found cheaper than its competitors.

GameStop’s Price Matching Policy

GameStop’s price matching policy is still unofficial and has yet to be applied to their online store. However, GameStop has best practices for their in-store locations participating in the new system. Here are some of the criteria for GameStop’s price matching policy:

  • The item must be identical, including the game version.
  • GameStop will not match prices from digital and physical editions, as they’re considered different products.
  • The item must be in-stock at the GameStop location and the competitor’s locations.
  • GameStop will only price match with large respectable retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. They will not match prices from local vendors.
  • GameStop will not match prices from sales, discounts, Black Friday events, etc.
  • GameStop will not match prices from third-party vendors, including vendors from Amazon or Walmart marketplaces.

Price matching from GameStop must meet all of these criteria. Breaking these policies will void any price matching from GameStop.

More about the Gamestop price match policy.

What Competitors Does GameStop Price Match?

Although there is no official list, GameStop should price match large and respectable retailers at their in-store locations. This list might include:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon

However, GameStop will not price match any third-party vendors from these websites. GameStop will also not match the prices from local vendors.

So Will GameStop Match Prices From Amazon?

Don’t worry if you’re still confused about whether or not GameStop will match prices from Amazon. GameStop will only price match products from Amazon if they’re from the first-party retailer. This means you cannot price match products from the Amazon Marketplace or resellers online.

For example, you might be eligible to price match Elden Ring on Amazon for the exact price without deals, as long as it’s sold from Bandai Namco.

However, you would not be eligible to price match this title or any other title if you were to reference a third-parties price or a used copy from Amazon.

Does GameStop Price Match Online?

Unfortunately, GameStop does not match their online shop. GameStop will not price match products from their online store with other online retailers. The company is starting with its physical locations and may or may not expand to its digital storefront.

How to Price Match at GameStop

You might be wondering how to benefit from GameStop’s unofficial price matching policy. GameStop will only match prices on products that meet their criteria at their in-store locations. Here’s a brief guide you can use to get the lowest price the next time you’re at GameStop:

  • You must be at an in-store location. You can use the official location finder to locate a GameStop near you.
  • Find a new product that you’re interested in.
  • Using your phone, find the identical product at a large retailer such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy.
  • Ensure it’s the exact product, the same version, in stock, and not on sale.
  • If the product is cheaper than what GameStop is selling it for, you can ask the cashier to price match the item.

Keep in mind that your mileage will vary depending on the location, store, employee, product, and more.

Does GameStop Match Amazon Prices?

Physical GameStop locations will price match products from Amazon as long as they’re from the first-party retailer, not on sale, and the identical product. GameStop will also match prices from large retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. GameStop will not match any prices from local or third-party vendors, including those from the Walmart or Amazon Marketplace.

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