Why Is My Amazon Order Taking so Long to Process

If you have placed an order through Amazon, but it is taking a long time to process, you may be wondering what is going on. This is not a very common issue to have as Amazon is usually very good at processing orders quickly.

Though there is always the chance of something slowing this process down and getting in the way. Because this happens so rarely, you may be worried that your order won’t go through or that something is wrong with it.

Keep reading to find out why your Amazon order is taking so long to process.

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Why is My Amazon Order Still Processing?

If you have placed an Amazon order and it is taking a long time to process, there may be an issue with the payment method you chose. That or the item needs to be verified for longer, some items like digital products can require a longer processing time.

amazon order processing long

Something that very few Amazon customers know is that Amazon can technically take as long as 21 days to process an order. Now, this very rarely happens, but it can happen and is actually allowed by Amazon.

This is a crazy long time to wait for an order to be processed, but it can happen in certain situations. Some things can affect how long it takes for your order to process, such as:

  • Payment choice
  • Incorrect payment option
  • Convenience store payment method
  • Type of product

These are some things that can commonly affect how long the processing time is. Most people say that it takes their Amazon order less than a day to process, with two days being the longest amount of time that they have had to wait.

This shows that it is relatively uncommon to have to wait too long for your order to process.

How Long Should Amazon Orders Take to Process?

Though Amazon orders can technically process for up to 21 days, that is exceptionally rare and will not happen usually. The most common time period for processing is 30 minutes.

This is a very short window of time where Amazon allows merchants the opportunity to approve or cancel orders. It also uses this time to evaluate the payment method and the seller.

This ensures that the purchase can go through without any issues, and your order can start being put together. Most people don’t even notice the processing time as it takes such a short amount of time to complete.

Digital orders specifically tend to take a bit longer but don’t usually take any longer than a few hours to process.

How Long Are Amazon Orders Pending?

Sometimes an Amazon order will be switched from processing to pending, which can confuse customers. This means that Amazon has found an issue with something during processing, usually something to do with the seller.

Orders can be marked as pending for up to 21 days if the issue is not being resolved quickly. During that time, you have the choice to cancel the order if you are tired of waiting.

You will not be charged for the order until it has been marked differently and is no longer pending. During this time, Amazon advises you to not contact the seller or respond to them.

Amazon does not want you communicating with them if there is an issue with the order before it is completed. Especially if the issue that is causing the pending is due to the seller not checking out or at Amazon’s standards.

If you are worried about an order that is pending, you could always try to contact Amazon directly, though this can be difficult.

amazon order taking long

Why Does My Amazon Order Say Arriving Late?

If you have checked the status of your order and see that it is marked as running late, you may be wondering what this means. This is a common status change that indicates that your order is no longer expected to arrive on time.

Amazon estimates the delivery time for orders and is more often than not, very accurate with these times. Though these are still estimates and can occasionally turn out to be incorrect or unexpected delays can come up.

Some common issues that can cause delays are:

  • Weather issues
  • International custom procedures
  • An influx in deliveries
  • Issues with carriers
  • Traffic

These are just a few things that can get in the way of you getting your package on time. Usually, these delays are only for a day or two, if they are severely longer or the package is lost, Amazon will cancel your order and refund you.

Why is Amazon Taking so Long to Process My Order?

If your Amazon order is taking a long time to process, there may be an issue with the payment method or seller. These are the most common problems that can cause the processing time to go for longer than usual.

Most orders are done processing in 30 minutes or may take up to two days. Sometimes this could go on for up to 21 days for severe issues, but this is very rare.

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