Does Planet Fitness Have A Pool?

Many gym-goers wonder if Planet Fitness includes a pool among its amenities.

planet fitness

Planet Fitness prides itself on providing a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels, featuring a variety of equipment and services.

Considering the importance of swimming as a low-impact exercise that benefits the whole body, the availability of a pool could influence a potential member’s decision.

What surprises might lurk in the list of facilities that Planet Fitness offers?

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Planet Fitness’s Hydromassage Benefit

When you think about unwinding after a strenuous workout, a pool might come to mind. However, Planet Fitness offers a different kind of relief through its HydroMassage.

This innovative feature is a way to relax your muscles without the need for a swimming pool.

Here are the payment options of Planet Fitness.

Relaxation Without A Pool

HydroMassage at Planet Fitness uses high-pressure jets of water to provide a full-body massage. This is a convenient way for members to ease tension and increase blood circulation, replicating some of the relaxation benefits one might seek from a pool.

The HydroMassage is a hit among members who appreciate a post-workout massage without getting wet. Indeed, it’s a sought-after amenity that many gym enthusiasts appreciate after lifting weights or finishing their cardio exercises.

How To Get Hydromassage Access

Access to the HydroMassage beds at Planet Fitness typically requires an upgrade to their Black Card membership. With this premium membership, you’ll not only get the benefit of HydroMassage but also other additional amenities such as tanning options and Total Body Enhancement.

Investing in this higher membership level might just be the perfect treat for regular gym-goers looking for that extra bit of luxury. The process to use this feature is straightforward—simply sign in with the receptionists, and they’ll usually have you relaxing in no time.

Why Pool-Free Zones Keep Planet Fitness Unique

Maintaining The Judgment-Free Ambiance

Many people wonder why a gym as popular as Planet Fitness doesn’t include a pool among its amenities. The brand prides itself on its judgment-free zone philosophy.

By not having a pool, it prevents the potential discomfort or judgment some members might feel when wearing swimsuits. This aligns perfectly with the mission of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome, regardless of their exercise level or what they are wearing.

How Excluding Pools Shapes Membership Costs

Another crucial aspect to consider is the cost. Pools are expensive to build and maintain, and having one would likely increase the membership cost.

Planet Fitness is known for its affordability, and not having a pool helps it to maintain low prices for its customers.

The financial compromises and cost of maintenance such as cleaning, chemicals, and janitorial staff support this cost-effective strategy. Without a pool, Planet Fitness provides a space that focuses on fitness essentials without the high price tag.

Planet Fitness Locker Room Features

Clean And Convenient Showers For Members

Planet Fitness may not have a pool, but it certainly doesn’t compromise on cleanliness and comfort. The gym offers clean and well-maintained showers for members to freshen up after their workouts.

This amenity is a major convenience for those who head to workouts before or after their workday. The cleanliness is a testament to Planet Fitness’s commitment to providing a pleasant and hygienic environment for all of its customers.

Secure Personal Storage In Locker Rooms

Locker rooms at Planet Fitness are not only about maintaining cleanliness. They also provide secure personal storage for your belongings while you’re exercising.

The lockers are accessible, safe, and convenient for members who bring in their gym bags or personal items. Remember to bring your own lock, as Planet Fitness prides itself on maintaining high security, and they want to ensure your items are safeguarded during your workout.

How To Get The Aquatic Experience

A Poolside Fitness Alternative

If you’re seeking the experience of a swim workout or aquatic therapy, Planet Fitness isn’t the place for you. But don’t be discouraged.

Many members find creative ways to include low-impact cardio equipment as an alternative to swimming. Using the elliptical or recumbent bike can imitate the same friction-free feeling of exercise that water gives you.

It’s a way to mix up your routine while staying within the gym’s offerings.

Alternatives: LA Fitness And 24 Hour Fitness Aquatic Amenities

When a dip in the pool is non-negotiable for your fitness regimen, you might consider alternatives like LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, or even Gold’s Gym.

These chains often feature pools, alongside other wet areas like hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms.

LA Fitness even offers aquatic classes, providing a group exercise experience in the pool. It’s worth researching to find the specific wellness center that includes these amenities if that’s a priority for your fitness journey.

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