Does Planet Fitness Have Foam Rollers?

Planet Fitness may be a cheap gym, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some helpful tools available. But you should consider if the club has foam rollers.

Foam rollers offer a ton of benefits, but you may not want to bring one to the gym. Consider if you’ll need to bring your own if you go to Planet Fitness?

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Does Planet Fitness Offer Foam Rollers?

It’s unclear if Planet Fitness has foam rollers available. However, the company sells foam rollers on sites like Amazon. So it’s probably safe to assume the club will have a few rollers available to use after a workout.

If you don’t want to share foam rollers, you can get your own. You can buy a Planet Fitness one, but make sure to label it or keep it in your locker to avoid confusion.

How to Use a Planet Fitness Foam Roller

You can use a foam roller from Planet Fitness or elsewhere in a variety of ways. No matter what you want to use it for, you’ll lay the roller on the floor.

Are There Foam Rollers at Planet Fitness

Then, you can put your body over the roller, usually your legs. You can massage the fronts of your legs by lying down on your stomach. To work the back of your legs, prop yourself up with your hands and rest one leg on the roller.

Then, you’ll roll back and forth over the foam roller to massage your muscles and tissues.

Why Use a Planet Fitness Foam Roller

Using a Planet Fitness foam roller offers multiple benefits. First, it can help increase flexibility and decrease tightness in your muscles.

Does Planet Fitness Have Foam Rollers

The roller can also help reduce fatigue after a workout. You can help with muscle tension that leads to fatigue and pain.

Like any massage, a foam roller can help you if you have sore muscles. The rolling works to get blood flowing to the different areas of your body to help your muscles repair.

You can also use a roller to help with stretching. Stretching regularly can help give you a greater range of motion.

Should You Bring Your Own Foam Roller?

While Planet Fitness has foam rollers, you may want to bring one you have. That way, you won’t have to share a roller with others.

You don’t know if the prior user cleaned the roller. Of course, a roller is bulky, so you may want to keep it in your car or locker. That will also keep others from confusing it with one that your Planet Fitness club owns.

Before you get your own foam roller, test one out at Planet Fitness. You’ll be able to determine if you like the roller, so you won’t waste your money on one.

Are There Foam Rollers at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness doesn’t clearly state if they offer foam rollers. However, the brand does sell them on third-party websites, so it’s safe to assume they have foam rollers at their clubs. If you don’t want to use them, you can buy your own to enjoy the benefits of a massage.

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