Does Planet Fitness Have Gift Cards?

Maybe you want to give someone a Planet Fitness membership. Or perhaps you want to give a current member some money to use for drinks.

If so, a Planet Fitness gift card can be an excellent gift. But you should confirm they have gift cards and if not, what alternatives you have.

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Does Planet Fitness Sell Gift Cards?

Planet Fitness sells gift cards through its online store. The E-Gift Cards are redeemable online, by phone, or by mail. Unfortunately, gift cards are only valid for the Planet Fitness Store, so they won’t work for things like memberships.

If you want to gift a membership, the best way to do that is to give the person cash. Another option is to use a Visa gift card.

How to Buy a Planet Fitness Gift Card

You can buy a Planet Fitness gift card for the Planet Fitness Store. To do this, you’ll need to go to the store website.

Does Planet Fitness Have Gift Cards

Select “E-Gift Cards” to find the right section of the site. Decide how much you want to put on the gift card. The minimum is $10, and the maximum is $2,500. You can then choose how many gift cards you want to send.

Enter the email address of the person you want to send the gift card to. Add a custom message up to 230 characters, and add the gift certificate to your cart.

How to Redeem a Planet Fitness Gift Card

If someone sends you a virtual gift card, you can redeem it for items in the Planet Fitness Store. The easiest way to do this is to shop online.

However, you can also redeem the card by ordering over the phone. If you have a fax machine, Planet Fitness can redeem the card when you order that way. You can also send your order through the mail.

How to Gift Someone a Planet Fitness Membership

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness doesn’t have gift cards that you can use to pay for a membership or to buy snacks at the gym. However, you can get around this in a few ways if you want to give someone a membership.

Here are a few options to consider when giving a membership as a gift.

Give Cash

Giving someone cash is probably the easiest way to help them pay for a Planet Fitness membership. Of course, you can give them as much money as you want so that you can cover their membership fees for a month or a year.

If you don’t want to give someone cash, you can also give them a check for the correct amount. This is a good option if you don’t live near the recipient since sending a check in the mail is safer.

You can even deposit cash into the recipient’s account if you know what bank they use. Just keep in mind that they could use the cash for anything.

Give a Visa Gift Card

You can also give someone the money for Planet Fitness by giving them a Visa gift card. Like cash, it’s a good option for transferring money to a friend or family member.

Also like cash, the recipient could use the gift card for anything. Giving a gift card can also be more complicated than cash because you can’t convert the balance into cash.

That means the recipient would use the gift card for something else, such as groceries. But they can use the savings to pay for their gym membership.

Set Up an EFT

If you want to make sure someone uses the gift at Planet Fitness, you can go with them when they sign up. Give your checking account information to set up the electronic funds transfer (ETF) to pay for the membership.

Now, this is risky because you’ll have to change the payment info before the account renews. But if you don’t mind paying for someone for a while, it can be worth it.

Are There Planet Fitness Gift Cards?

There are Planet Fitness gift cards, but they only work for the online store. You can buy the card online and redeem it online or over the phone. If you want to give someone a membership, giving them cash is the best option. Then, they can set up the payments from their checking account.

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