Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Lotion?

If you are new to using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, you are probably wondering if tanning lotion is provided. Or if you will have to buy the tanning lotion to use when you get there.

This is a good question to ask, especially since you will definitely want to use some kind of tanning lotion. Keep reading to find out more about tanning at Planet Fitness.

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Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Lotion to Buy?

Planet Fitness offers a limited option of tanning lotions that members can purchase when they go to tan. These options are designed for different skin types and can help you to have a better tanning bed experience at Planet Fitness.

Though there don’t seem to be any prices online to check before going to the gym, it is safe to assume that you have to pay for these tanning lotions.

There are at least four different kinds of tanning lotions that you can buy according to your skin’s needs. Though, you will want to keep in mind that every location may be different.

Planet Fitness gyms are independently owned, so they will not all provide the same services and products. Some may provide tanning lotion for free, while others charge you for it.

Some Planet Fitness gyms might also not have many options of lotion to choose from. You could always bring your own to save money and be on the safe side in case there is none available at the gym.

Can Anyone Use Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

The tanning beds at Planet Fitness are not there for just anyone to use. You cannot simply go to Planet Fitness to use it as though it were a tanning salon.

The tanning beds at Planet Fitness are only accessible by black card members. This is because this membership is more expensive and allows members more access throughout the gyms services.

Though black card members are allowed to bring a guest with them, they cannot take guests to use the tanning beds either. These are entirely reserved only for those paying for a black card membership.

If you have a basic Planet Fitness membership, you cannot use the tanning options. You would have to upgrade your membership to be able to use them.

Even black card members are required to follow the Planet Fitness tanning policies, which restrict anyone from tanning more than once in 24 hours.

Because of safety standards, you are only allowed a certain time slot as well to avoid over tanning in the beds. Though tanning is available 24 hours a day as long as the Planet Fitness gym is open.

Planet Fitness also may require you to wear either protective goggles or eye stickers to protect your eyes. Though some locations do not offer these, or you have to buy them yourself.

It is a good idea to bring your own tanning lotion and tanning goggles just to be on the safe side.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Tanning Lotion?

Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Lotion

Planet Fitness will usually offer tanning lotion, though every location is going to be different. Most will charge you a fee to buy the lotion, but you never know, certain locations may give it away for free as part of the tanning service.

Every Planet Fitness gym is independently owned, so they will all be a bit different and offer different things. Most Planet Fitness’s will offer a few different kind of tanning lotion to suit your skin needs.

If you do not know whether your location has tanning lotion for free or to sell, you could try bringing your own. This would ensure that you have something since you don’t want to tan without a tanning lotion.

This helps to protect your skin and create a better tanning experience. Tanning lotion will also help to counteract the drying effects of using a tanning bed.

It is important to remember that you may also want to bring your own tanning goggles, as well. Some locations sell them or offer them for free or eye stickers for free, but you never know.

Some locations may not even allow you to tan unless you have tanning goggles as it is unsafe to do so. Overall, it is better to bring your own as a precaution if none are offered or if they have run out.

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