Does Planet Fitness Have Pilates Classes?

If you are new to Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if it offers pilates classes that you can partake in.

This is a common kind of class that you will usually find at many different kinds of gyms.

This is a good question to ask if you are interested in being able to become a part of any fitness classes.

To find out whether or not Planet Fitness offers pilates classes to its members, keep reading.

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Does Planet Fitness Offer Pilates Classes?

Planet Fitness does not have pilates classes for its members. This is a big downside, but it also does not offer any other kinds of special fitness classes, pilates or otherwise.

Planet Fitness has a very basic list of services, and classes are not a part of that. It keeps things simple and only offers the bare minimum to its members.

This includes things like basic workout equipment and fitness trainers if you need any help. It does have a program called the PE@PF fitness training program that is made up of fitness trainers.

Occasionally this group will have a small fitness class with members who want help getting a workout routine. This is done with the goal in mind to help them feel more confident in their health journey.

These are very basic classes and are only there to help members figure out how to use a workout routine. It directs their focus and helps them to find the right routine to fit their goals.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have Special Classes?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have special classes because it wants to keep its memberships affordable. As of right now, the basic membership is $10 a month, and the black card membership is $22.99 a month.

If Planet Fitness were to start adding a bunch of special fitness classes, this would raise its membership rates. It would be forced to do this in order to cover the additional expenses from the classes.

This or it would have to charge you per each class, which would also make it less affordable.

Planet Fitness built its empire off of being one of the most affordable gyms that you could choose from. At as low as $10 a month, this sets it apart from its competition almost immediately.

This provides an affordable option for people who want to be able to go to a gym. This is a reasonable and realistic option for most people as it is significantly cheaper than many other gyms.

Though Planet Fitness may not offer as many options as other gyms, it is much more affordable. It had to make some sacrifices in order to charge the lower rates that it does.

That is why you will find less services available at Planet Fitness with the very basic exercise gear available.

If you choose to get a black card membership, you will have access to a lot more options at the gym. Though you still won’t get to have pilates or any other kind of special classes.

Are There Pilates Classes at Planet Fitness?

Does Planet Fitness Have Pilates Classes

Planet Fitness does not offer any pilates classes as of right now. It does have a PE@PF program that is run by fitness trainers. This program allows for small exercise groups for those looking to build an exercise routine.

This is mostly just designed for members who do not know where to start to achieve their health goals. It is a way for them to understand how exercise works and develop their own workout routine.

These fitness trainers are also available at most daytime hours at Planet Fitness locations if you need them. They can help you to find your way around, get familiar with the equipment, and even get fitness advice.

Planet Fitness doesn’t offer any classes because it wants to keep all of its membership prices the same. By adding new services, such as classes, it would have to make up for that extra expense.

It is known for its affordability, which is why it tries to avoid adding these kinds of additional services to its memberships. The more it adds, the more it will have to charge its members.

It is one of the most affordable gyms out there, and it wants to stay that way for the time being.

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