Does Planet Fitness Provide Tanning Goggles?

If you are wanting to use the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if they offer tanning goggles. Or if they are free or available to buy when you go to get a tan.

This is an important question to ask as you want to make sure you protect your eyes when getting a tan. To find out more about tanning at Planet Fitness and what it provides, keep reading for more information.

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Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Goggles?

Because Planet Fitness gyms are independently owned by location, some offer tanning goggles for free while others charge for them. Any location that charges for you to use tanning goggles will usually charge around $3 to $5 to use them.

Most Planet Fitness gyms will offer eye stickers for free, however. This is not as protective as actual goggles, but they can help to shield your eyes from the tanning lights.

Overall, most people recommend that you bring your own tanning goggles if you are not sure if your location offers any. There is also the chance that they might run out of goggles or eye stickers.

It is important to use either eye stickers or goggles when using a tanning bed, as exposure can be damaging to your eyes. This won’t happen because you tan once, but it can occur over a long period of time.

The lights from tanning beds can slowly start to damage your eyes, leading to early eyesight issues from the damage.

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Safe?

Planet Fitness tanning beds use both UV-A and UV-B rays to tan your skin as you are in the tanning beds. These are both highly damaging to the skin in the long term.

Tanning beds, in general, are not considered to be an incredibly safe option as they do cause long-term skin damage. Though it is important to note that Planet Fitness tanning is no more dangerous than tanning at a tanning salon.

The tanning beds are just as safe as any others, and members are expected to know the associated risks involved.

These harsh rays have long-lasting damage to the skin, which is why it is recommended to tan sparingly and tan with caution. Planet Fitness also provides tanning lotion to help you get the best and safest results.

You should also read the instructions and only tan for the recommended time. This will help you to stay safe and reduce too much exposure to your skin.

Planet Fitness also recommends members to clean the bed before and after each use as staff members don’t always have time to do this.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Tanning Goggles?

Does Planet Fitness Provide Tanning Goggles

Planet Fitness gyms are all independently owned according to the location, so some offer goggles, and some don’t. Some also charge for them, while other locations offer them for free.

Most Planet Fitness gyms will offer free eye stickers to act as some kind of protection for your eyes. These are not as effective as goggles, but they are better than nothing at all.

Many gym members recommend that you bring your own goggles just to be on the safe side. This may seem unnecessary, but it is important to have eye protection when tanning.

Not protecting your eyes by covering them can create long-term eye damage if you regularly tan. This can damage your eyesight over time and cause serious vision issues in the future.

While Planet Fitness tanning beds are considered to be safe and are just like any other kinds of tanning beds. They are not entirely safe as a whale as tanning this way can cause skin damage over time.

It is very harsh and can prompt things like sunburn, skin aging, and even some kinds of cancer. Though Planet Fitness offers this option to black card members, it is up to you to understand the risks involved.

You will want to only tan for the recommended time and limit how much you tan to avoid long-term damage to your skin. Planet Fitness also recommends members to clean the beds before and after they use them.

There is no guarantee that the tanning bed has been sanitized from the last person that used it, so it is best to clean it yourself.

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