Does Planet Fitness Have Spin Classes?

Maybe you’re a Planet Fitness member, or you’re still shopping around for the right gym for you. Either way, it helps to know if the gym offers spin classes.

Spin classes can be a great excuse to get some exercise. If you want to take one, you should know if Planet Fitness is the place to go.

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Does Planet Fitness Offer Spin Classes?

Planet Fitness offers a variety of small group classes. Unfortunately, spin classes aren’t available at the gym. Available classes focus on certain muscle groups, one of which is legs and shoulders, which can be a good alternative.

You may be able to take a private spin class by creating a custom workout plan. A trainer can help you figure out how to use a spin bike to help you meet your goals.

Set Up a Custom Class

While Planet Fitness doesn’t schedule spin classes, you can set up your own class. The Design Your Own Program option is a great way to set up an individual spin program.

You’ll need to sign up online, via the Planet Fitness app, or at the front desk. Schedule a time that works for you to meet with a personal trainer at the gym.

Then, you can make sure to mention your interest in spin. After the meeting, you can set up a program that works for your needs.

Meet With a Trainer

Can You Take Spin Classes at Planet Fitness

When it’s time, you’ll meet with a trainer at Planet Fitness. They’ll go over your health history, exercise history, and your future goals.

You can tell them that you want to focus on using a spin bike. That way, the trainer can come up with a workout plan that you’ll want to execute.

The trainer can walk you through how to use the spin bikes available. After the meeting, you should know how to do the workout yourself.

Schedule Your Workouts

Of course, you’ll also want to create a schedule for when to do your workouts. You may not be able to always get a spin bike, especially if you go at a busy time.

Consider when there may not be as many people. Then, you can have a better chance of finding an open spin bike to use for your workout.

Enroll in a New Class

After a few weeks or so, you may feel like you aren’t getting results from your current spin bike workout plan. When that happens, you can enroll in another Design Your Own Program session to create something new.

You might be able to take on a more difficult workout. Then, you can keep getting better at the spin bike on your own, so you won’t even need a class.

Once again, the trainer will talk with you about your exercise history and goals. They can ask you how your current workout feels to help devise a new one.

Similar Group Classes

Perhaps you want to learn and exercise with other people. If you already have a Planet Fitness membership, you have access to a variety of group classes.

You may not be able to take spin classes, specifically. However, there are some group classes that may help you achieve similar goals to what a spin class can do.

Here are a few group classes to consider.

Legs and Shoulders

The Legs and Shoulders class is probably the most similar to a spin class in terms of the muscle groups you’ll work on. You can improve your strength in both your lower and upper body, so you can get a full workout in one session.

This class is great for beginners and people with workout experience. The specific exercises you do may depend on the trainer and location. Planet Fitness doesn’t list any particular exercises to expect, so give one class a try to see if it’s for you.

You may also want to stop by this class if all of the spin bikes are full. Then, you can get a similar workout in without having to wait.

Does Planet Fitness Have Spin Classes

30-Minute Express Circuit

If you want a full, quick workout, the 30-Minute Express Circuit can be a good choice. During this session, you’ll go through 10 cardio-step stations and 10 strength machines.

You’ll have 60 seconds to work out at each session. After a minute, you’ll get a 30-second break which is just enough time to move to the next station. You can start anywhere within the circuit to give yourself a good workout.

This is a good choice for people who like more fast-paced workouts. Spin classes tend to have that vibe, so you may enjoy this circuit.


When you’re new to Planet Fitness, the Orientation class is super helpful. It teaches you about the exercise equipment available at your location and how you can use each machine.

You can make sure to ask about spin bikes when going through the course. Then, you’ll know how to use them to at least get started. This is a good option for someone who wants to start using a spin bike quickly.

You can always enroll in the Design Your Own Program later. That course can teach you even more about how to use a spin bike well.

Can You Take Spin Classes at Planet Fitness?

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer spin classes. However, the Design Your Own Program lets you create a spin program that works for you. If you prefer to work out with others, you can take the Legs and Shoulders program to work out similar muscle groups.

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