Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

Planet Fitness offers a lot of machines and benefits for members. One of the best benefits is access to free group classes.

But if you want to learn Zumba, you should consider if that’s one of the offerings. Then, you can decide if Planet Fitness is the gym for you.

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Does Planet Fitness Offer Zumba Classes?

Sadly, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer Zumba classes. The gym does offer other fitness programs that work different muscle groups. You might be able to learn Zumba through the Design Your Own Program by working with a trainer.

While Zumba classes aren’t available, the other classes are great. You can learn a lot about fitness, and you may be able to get similar results to taking Zumba.

Alternative Classes

Planet Fitness may not teach Zumba, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get fit there. If you have a membership or want to join, you’ll have access to tons of small group classes.

The good news is that a lot of these classes work similar muscles as Zumba. When you do Zumba, you can target anywhere from your legs to your core. You can also learn how to get more flexible at Planet Fitness.

Consider the following classes and how they can help you get the results you might get by doing Zumba.

30-Minute Express Circuit

Can You Learn Zumba at Planet Fitness

The 30-Minute Express Circuit is an excellent class if you want to work out your entire body. You get to do about half cardio and half strength, and it all happens quickly. There are 20 stations in the circuit, and you rotate through each within a minute and a half.

It’s an excellent option if you can’t decide which muscle groups to focus on. You can tone almost any muscle group that you’d tone in a Zumba class.

This class lets you start at any station you choose. That can help you by starting on machines that may take a bit more out of you and cool down slowly.


Zumba involves your hips in many of the common dance steps. The Core session at Planet Fitness can help you strengthen your abs and lower back. It’s a great option if your main interest in Zumba is working on your core.

You don’t have to work on your other muscle groups in this class. That gives you the entire time to focus on one area.

Of course, you can always incorporate other exercises with core exercises. This class is a great place to focus on one area of your body at a time. You can always do a full-body workout the next time.

Legs and Shoulders

Depending on the Zumba class, you may do a lot of lunges or some jumping. While you can’t take Zumba at Planet Fitness, Legs and Shoulders may give you good results. It can help you build strength in those areas.

By doing that, you may also get more movement and function in your shoulders and legs. That can help if you ever do get to take a Zumba class. This session at Planet Fitness is a balance of two muscle groups that can be easy to ignore.

Whether you want to take Zumba elsewhere or do it on your own, give this session a try. Then, you can figure out how to use your legs and shoulders to your advantage.


You can take the Stretch class after another class or after doing your own workout. The class helps you build flexibility, which is crucial when doing Zumba. If you want to get more flexible, this class may be your answer.

Stretch is also great for helping your body recover from a workout. If you’re new to working out regularly, you may want to take this class a couple of times.

That way, you can know how to cool down after an intense session at the gym. Of course, if you decide to go to a Zumba class elsewhere, you can use the same skills after that.

Design Your Own Program

Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes

While not technically a scheduled class, Planet Fitness offers a Design Your Own Program. This is where you meet one-on-one with a personal trainer. You’ll discuss your fitness goals, so you can bring up wanting to learn Zumba.

Planet Fitness has you schedule this session online or at the front desk. If you want to do Zumba specifically, you can ask the front desk if any of their trainers know Zumba. Then, you can meet with someone who will be able to help you meet your goals.

If no one has experience at your gym, call other Planet Fitness locations. Upgrade to the PF Black Card if you haven’t already to get access to those other gyms. That way, you can meet with a trainer who can teach you some basic Zumba moves.

During your meeting, you’ll create a workout plan that you can execute on your own. Then, you’ll be able to do Zumba at Planet Fitness, even though they don’t teach it as a class.

Whenever you want to learn some new moves, ask to work with the same trainer again. You can do another Design Your Own Program to get better at Zumba.

Can You Learn Zumba at Planet Fitness?

You can learn Zumba at Planet Fitness, but not in a regular class. Instead, you’ll need to check to see if any of the trainers at your location know some Zumba. Then, you can schedule a session to meet with that person and learn the basics. Otherwise, you can take group classes that work similar muscles as Zumba.

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