GameStop Free Shipping Not Working

Whether you don’t live near a GameStop or you want to get a game your local store doesn’t have, ordering online is great. GameStop even offers free shipping on some orders.

However, you may run into some issues when you shouldn’t. Consider why you might not get free shipping when you think you should.

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Why Isn’t GameStop Free Shipping Working?

GameStop’s free shipping may not work if an order is less than $35. Unfortunately, some items may not apply toward that purchase, such as digital games. If free shipping isn’t working, it’s best to contact GameStop about the issue.

The shipping discount should automatically apply once you add enough items to your cart. If it doesn’t you can look for the games in-store or elsewhere to save on shipping.

Solutions to No Free Shipping

If your order doesn’t appear to come with free shipping, you have a few options. Before you place the order and pay for shipping, consider how you might fix the issue.

Here are some steps you can take to see if you actually qualify for free shipping.

Review the Total Order Amount

GameStop Free Shipping Not Working

First, you should make sure your total order amount exceeds $35. GameStop often requires that order total before it will ship items to you for free.

Luckily, this is easy to hit, especially if you buy new games or a console. It’s also easy to hit if you purchase multiple games at once.

However, it can be easy to just barely miss that game. For example, two games that cost $16.99 each will only total $33.98. You should also consider if you have store credit that applies to the order, which can bring down the price and affect the order total.

Digital Items

Maybe your order total is well about the $35 threshold. If one or more of the items you’re buying are digital video games, that might affect your free shipping.

It’s hard to determine for sure, but it’s possible that GameStop doesn’t count these items when it comes to granting free shipping. After all, the store doesn’t have to send anything to you physically since you’ll just receive a download link.

So look at the total of digital items in your cart. If they make the total for physical items drop below $35, there’s a chance your order won’t qualify for free shipping.

Call Your Local Store

If you want to buy a couple of games that total less than $35, call your local GameStop. Ask if they have the games you want in stock. You can also visit the store yourself if you have the time to go that day.

Then, you can figure out if they have the games you’re looking for in stock. If so, you can buy the games from your local store, and you won’t have to pay for shipping. You also won’t have to increase your order total just to hit $35.

Add Another Item

Perhaps your local GameStop doesn’t have the game you want. You can still order it online, but you might want to look for other games. Then, you can increase the order total so that you do reach the $35 minimum.

Now, don’t add a game just to hit that threshold. Most games cost more than the shipping fee, so you could waste money if you buy a game just to get free shipping. However, look for a game that you actually want or that you know a friend wants. Then, you both can split the cost of the order and get free shipping.

What to Do If Nothing Works

If none of the possible solutions work, you have a few other things you can do. These things may not solve the problem now, but they can help if you’re patient.

Contact GameStop

What Keeps GameStop Free Shipping From Working

The first thing you should do is contact GameStop to alert them of the issue. If your cart isn’t triggering free shipping at $35, you probably aren’t the only one with that problem.

Take a screenshot of your order form and keep it on your computer. You won’t be able to attach it using the contact form, but you can save it for when GameStop replies to you. Or you can upload it to Google Drive and include a link to the image.

Then, GameStop can figure out what the issue is and how to fix it. Soon enough, you may be able to place your next order with free shipping.

Try Again Later

If you can be patient, consider walking away from your GameStop order. Focus on your work or tasks around the house for a few hours. Go back to your GameStop account later to see if free shipping is available.

You can also clear your cart before you walk away from the computer. When you go back, add the items to your cart to see the total exceed $35. There may simply be a short-term bug that resolves if you wait it out.

If you’re ordering at night, wait until the next morning. Now, this may delay your shipping, depending on when you come back to the order. However, that can be worth the money you save on shipping costs.

What Keeps GameStop Free Shipping From Working?

GameStop free shipping may not work for a variety of reasons. For one, discounts may lower your order total below $35, even if the games exceed that. Also, digital items could keep your qualifying order total too low for free shipping. Luckily, you can add more items, contact GameStop, or go in person to get the games you want without paying for postage.

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