Does U Haul Offer Military Discount?

If you are in the military or your spouse is in the military and you are moving you may be wondering and even hoping that U Haul offers some sort of military discount to make your move easier. We will take a look at the discounts that U Haul may or may not offer.

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Do U Haul Offer Military Discounts?

No, U Haul doesn’t offer any specific military discounts. However, you can get a discount on truck and trailer rental services if you are in the military but this is not automatic. There are some steps you will have to take.

If you are in the military then you know that most places offer military discounts. So you may find it surprising to know that U Haul doesn’t offer an actual military discount. You’d think that they would offer this kind of a discount.

How to Get a U Haul Military Discount?

One of the easiest ways to get a military discount with U Haul is to call and ask for it. Explain your situation that you are in the military and having to move to another state or whatever the case is. And also let the U Haul representative know that you would like to take advantage of any discounts they may have for military personnel or otherwise.

I say this because the discount in itself may not be just for military personnel but it could definitely be used by military personnel and help with the U Haul costs. So ask about any discounts and take advantage of them.

Another way to get a U Haul military discount is to speak to management. A representative may or may not know what discount to give you or how to actually help you. They may say that there are no military discounts and leave you hanging in that way but you know that there are discounts that may not be military specific so if they do not offer these, ask to speak with a supervisor.

Does USAA Offer U Haul Discounts?

Does U Haul Offer Military Discount

No, USAA does not offer U Haul discounts. USAA offers a lot of discounts to military personnel and you would think that U Haul would be in that number but they aren’t. USAA does have truck rental services discounts but only it isn’t actually U Haul.

USAA offers a lot of different discounts but they do not offer U Haul discounts in particular. So no, USAA does not offer U Haul discounts but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a discount.

What to Do If U Haul Won’t Give Discount?

There is really no reason why U Haul won’t give you or your spouse a military discount. Even if they call it something else but it is still a discount I would say it is still a good deal. If you don’t like the fact that they won’t give a military discount then you can take your business elsewhere.

I would say go to Penske where they offer an actual military discount. If I’m not mistaken, Penske offers a 5% military discount. This is not to say that Penske is better than U Haul. I just think that you should go where you can get more bang for your buck.

You will need to do your research and search around for the best deal. Military people obviously have to move around a lot and that can be a good or a bad thing. However, the point is that you need help moving through renting a truck of some sort.

There is no reason why U Haul shouldn’t give you a discount. However, if they don’t give you a military discount or even a discount that you are pleased with then you should talk to the manager of U Haul. If U Haul doesn’t want to cooperate then as I said before, take your business elsewhere.

Does U Haul Offer Military Discount_

Does U Haul Offer a Military Discount?

No, U Haul does not specifically name a military discount. However, there are a ton of discounts offered by U Haul that military personnel can actually qualify for. You just have to call in and ask about these deals and discounts.

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