Does U-Haul Rent Car Top Carriers?

U-Haul leases trucks, vans, trailers, and other options. However, some of these rental options may be too large for some scenarios. This has led some customers to seek out smaller cargo services.

So, does U-Haul rent car top carriers and car racks? Read on to find out everything you need to know about U-Hauls rental services.

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Does U-Haul Rent Car Racks?

Unfortunately, most U-Haul locations do not rent car top carriers or car racks. However, you can purchase these items from select U-Haul locations. Independent locations may or may not sell car top carriers. For the most accurate information, call your local U-Haul dealer.

Why Won’t U-Haul Rent Car Racks?

U-Haul hasn’t stated why they don’t rent car-top racks and carriers. They may not lease these products because they’re easily damaged and hard to insure. The company hasn’t stated whether or not they plan to rent these items in the future.

How Much Does It Cost?

Does U-Haul Rent Car Top Carriers

U-Haul sells vehicle cargo racks for under $40. Not every U-Haul location will have this product stocked, so you may have to call ahead. You can also have the item shipped directly to your home address or to your local U-Haul for pickup. Be sure to call your local U-Haul dealer for the most accurate information.

Do Any Other Big-Name Stores Rent Car Top Carriers?

Unfortunately, other big-name stores such as Home Depot, Enterprise, and Penske don’t offer vehicle rack rentals either. Some of these locations only offer vehicle rentals and don’t sell moving supplies.

Where Can I Rent a Car Top Rack?

You’ll most likely have to shop locally If you’re dead set on renting a car top rack instead of purchasing one. Most big-name vehicle rental services don’t offer car rack rentals.

What’s My Closest Alternative?

As mentioned earlier, U-Haul doesn’t offer rentals or leases on car top carriers. You can purchase these products for around $40. If you don’t want to purchase a vehicle rack, U-Haul does have a few options you can keep in mind.

4×8 Cargo Trailer Rental

The 4×8 Cargo Trailer is U-Hauls smallest available option for rent. However, the 4×8 Cargo Trailer requires a hitch and a bit of experience to use. If you aren’t sure which option is right for you, contact your local U-Haul dealer to speak with an expert.

Does U-Haul Rent Car Top Carriers-

Is Purchasing U-Hauls Car Top Carrier Worth It?

As you know by now, U-Haul doesn’t rent or lease vehicle rack carriers. You may be wondering whether or not purchasing a car-top carrier will be worth it. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when making your decision.

U-Hauls Roof Top Cargo Carrier Is Affordable

U-Hauls Roof Top Cargo Carrier is an affordable option if you plan to purchase through them. You’re receiving a quality product for around $35-$40 before taxes and shipping. Other models online can range upwards of $100, making this a competitively priced product.

It Lacks a Hard Shell Bottom

U-Hauls cargo carrier doesn’t have a hard shell or rigid bottom. This can be less advantageous in some scenarios and situations. For example, your items are more likely to jostle and move around during trips. However, a U-Haul cargo carrier can still be an excellent option if you aren’t concerned about these issues.

It’s Weather Resistant NOT Waterproof

U-Hauls cargo carrier is weather-resistant, not waterproof. This is an important distinction to make and consider. U-Hauls product is meant to withstand light elements like rain, sun, and light rain.

If you’re traveling through harsh conditions and heavy snowstorms, the cargo carrier and your valuables might suffer from moisture damage. If you’re looking for something waterproof and expect harsh conditions on your trip, you may want to find another product.

Can You Rent a Car Top Carrier From U-Haul?

Most U-Haul locations do not rent car top carriers or car racks. You can purchase the product online for around $40. You can have the car top carrier shipped directly to your home address or to your nearest U-Haul store for pickup.

However, some locations may not carry this product, and your mileage will vary. Call your local U-Haul dealer to speak with a team member for the most accurate information available.

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