Does Wendy’s Have Root Beer?

If you are planning on going to eat out at Wendy’s, you may be wondering if it offers root beer as a soda option. Not all fast-food places offer this traditional soft drink, so it is worth asking if this is your favorite flavor of soda.

With so many other soda flavors available, root beer is no longer quite as popular as it used to be. This has caused some restaurants to drop it from their menus to replace it with other options instead.

Keep reading to find out if Wendy’s still sells root beer.

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Does Wendy’s Sell Root Beer?

Wendy’s sells root beer as part of its beverage menu, and it is quite a popular option. It specifically sells the Barq’s brand of root beer, which is a rich and flavorful soft drink that pairs well with any Wendy’s menu item.

Wendy’s even carries a special blend of root beer from the Barq’s brand that is caffeine-free for anyone sensitive to caffeine. It only sells this brand of root beer and stands firmly by the product.

Many fast-food places carry root beer, but there is the occasional location that doesn’t. Wendy’s knows that it has many root beer fans and has decided to keep the soft drink option around.

Even though root beer is not the most popular soda flavor, it has done well at Wendy’s and doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon.

Every Wendy’s location may offer slightly different soda or beverage options depending on what is liked the most in that area. It wouldn’t pay off to continue selling something that no one wanted.

What Kinds of Soda Does Wendy’s Have?

Wendy’s does not have a huge selection of sodas, but it does offer many beverages. If you are not a soda drinker there are still plenty of options for you to choose from.

Does Wendy’s Have Root Beer

If you do enjoy having a soda with your drink, you have the options of root beer, bigga, coca-cola, fanta orange, sprite, coke zero, and dr. pepper.

You have these soft drink options along with other beverages, such as different versions of lemonade and limeade.

Does Wendy’s Offer Root Beer?

Wendy’s still offers root beer on its menu of beverages that you can add to your Wendy’s order. It carries the Barq’s brand, which also offers a non-caffeinated version for those with caffeine sensitivities.

Wendy’s is known for offering many older kinds of soft drink that might have become less popular over the years. Unlike many places, it still offers both dr. pepper and coca-cola, which many fast-food restaurants don’t have.

Though you will want to keep in mind that not every Wendy’s location will have the exact same drinks. Some locations may have all of the soft drink options, while others only have a few.

These kinds of differences will occur between locations depending on the demand that is there. You can usually find fanta orange, coca-cola, dr. pepper, coke zero, sprite, and root beer at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s also serves other beverages as well if you are not inclined towards soda. It occasionally offers limited edition drinks depending on the season as well as some lemonade options.

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