Doordash Delivery Fee Vs Tip

If you are new to ordering from Dpordash, you may find all of its extra fees a bit complicated to understand. You may also want to know exactly what you are paying for and what these extra fees really mean.

The general idea behind the extra fees on Doordash can be a bit complicated, especially if you are a new customer. Here is everything that you need to know about Doordash’s fees and tips.

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What is the Difference Between a Doordash Fee and Tip?

The Doordash delivery fee is a fee that you are charged to get your food delivered to your address. This fee is in no way the same thing as a tip as the tip goes directly to the dasher delivering your food.

That is why a Doordash fee and tip are not the same thing, and one cannot be replaced with the other. You cannot just pay the delivery fee and expect the driver to still get a tip as the delivery fee does not go to them.

Dashers are paid per order, but this is generally not much and is not enough to tempt them to take your order. Dashers depend very much on tips as these help to boost their hourly earnings and cover their gas expenses.

If you try to get away with placing an order through Doordash without including a tip, you may find yourself being disappointed. Because many dashers don’t bother accepting orders that do not include a tip.

You can always take a chance and place an order without a tip, but it may not be picked up and end up getting canceled by Doordash.

Does The Doordash Delivery Fee Include the Tip?

Some Doordash customers may think that the Doordash delivery fee includes a tip for the driver, but it doesn’t. This delivery fee may help to go towards paying the driver for that order, but it does not cover the tip.

If you do not add a tip to your order, the driver that picks it up will end up not getting tipped. This is something that many dashers do not like and will actively avoid.

It is important to add a separate tip to your Doordash order so that the dasher will know that they are getting a tip. You can always give them a cash tip, but your order may not be accepted if they think no tip is going to be added.

As expensive as Doordash can become with all of its fees, that is not the fault of the delivery drivers. They still deserve to be tipped despite the various fees that are already applied to each Doordash order.

It is important to remember that dashers are independent contractors and depend on getting tips to earn a decent wage each day.

How Much Should You Tip Dashers?

Doordash Delivery Fee Vs Tip

It is generally considered best to tip a minimum of 10% of your total order to the dasher delivering it. This is considered to be a decent tip that some dashers will take advantage of.

Many delivery drivers will only consider taking an order if the tip is at least $5 or more. This tip goes towards covering their gas expenses as well as adding to their hourly wage, which is why it is important to them.

You could even add a small tip and tip more in person if you find the driver to be pleasant and prompt. Many dashers greatly appreciate getting cash tips and will gladly accept them.

If you do not leave a tip or tip very little, you run the risk of your order being declined by all of the available dashers. If this happens, Doordash will cancel your order since no one will deliver it.

This is why it is important to add some kind of tip to motivate drivers to accept your order.

What Makes a Doordash Delivery Fee Different From a Tip?

The delivery fee and tip are two different kinds of fees on the Doordash app. The delivery fee goes towards paying to have your food delivered to you, while the tip goes directly to the delivery driver.

Tips are very important on Doordash as drivers depend on tips to help out with their gas expenses as well as add to their overall earnings. Mamy will not even bother to accept an order that offers no tip or a very small one.

Tips are different from other Doordash fees as the tip does not go to Doordash, it goes to the driver. This is why you should always leave a tip with your order to help out the delivery driver delivering your food.

You could even leave a small tip but tip more in person if you find their service to be pleasant and fast. Many dashers appreciate getting cash tips and will gladly accept them in p[erson once delivering your order.

Doordash Delivery Fee Vs Tip_

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