Doordash Earnings Not Showing

If you are a Doordash driver, chances are you may eventually find issues seeing your earnings. This is a common complaint and is often the result of a glitch within the app itself.

This can be very frustrating and even scary for a new dasher who is not yet aware of this common issue. The good thing is that it is relatively easy to fix so that you can see your earrings in no time.

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Why Are My Doordash Earnings Not Showing Up?

If your Doordash earnings are not showing up, it may be because you have already been paid or the money was put into the wrong spot. You will need to log into your account and double-check your information for any errors.

Check your bank account information and make sure the money is set to be deposited in the right bank account. It should be going to a checking account, not a savings account.

You should also check the routing numbers and account numbers as well. All of these details must be correct for you to get your payment.

If you have not yet been paid for the amount that you earned and you know that you have earned more, there may be an issue. Your earnings should be clearly visible and easy to access all throughout the week.

Doordash also only pays drivers once per week unless multiple payments are requested, so they won’t pay you randomly throughout the week.

If all of your information appears to be correct but you still cannot see your earnings, you will have to call doordash support. They will be able to clearly see the issue and help you resolve it.

This is most likely just a simple glitch that is occurring, making it impossible for you to see your earnings. You could also try to refresh the app or log out and log in again to see if anything changes.

How Long Does it Take Doordash Earnings to Show?

You should be able to clearly see your Doordash earnings all throughout the week as you work. These earnings should gradually add up and show you what you made in full for that week or a combination of days.

These numbers should be visible quickly after you have completed each delivery. Because Doordash is an online service, you should see your payment very quickly upon finishing the job.

You can also go to your individual deliveries and see what you earned from each delivery. If at any time you can see your earnings, there is usually a glitch or a mistake with your payment method.

It is also important to remember that once you are paid there is always a waiting period. It takes a few days for the money to actually show up in your bank account after being officially paid.

So don’t get worried if you have been paid but can’t see your earnings in your bank account yet. It is very common for this process to take 2 to 3 days to complete.

How Can I See My Full Doordash Earnings?

Doordash Earnings Not Showing

You should be able to access your earning information at any given time. You can do this by logging into your account and going to the earnings tab.

From there, you can select any week that you want to look at to see the full earnings for that week. You can also go back to each individual order to look at how much you earned per delivery for Doordash.

You should also get notified upon being paid of how much you are being paid for. This will help you to keep track of your earnings for each week after being paid in full.

If at any time you cannot access your Doordash earnings, you should contact the support team. If this happens, there is most likely an error or glitch happening within the Doordash app.

The Doordash support team should be able to locate the issue and quickly resolve it.

When Do Doordashers Get Paid?

Doordash drivers always get paid on Monday for the work done between the previous Monday and Sunday. This will include the payment for all work done within these seven days.

The payment is always prompt and done at the same time every Monday, you will most likely be notified when the payment is placed. Then your earnings will amount to $0 until you complete your next delivery for that payment period.

Be aware that there is a processing time in between your payment and when it hits your bank account. This is completely normal and will usually take 2 to 3 days to complete and show up in your account.

If the payment is paid on or near a holiday, there is a good chance that it may take as many as four days for it to be completed. This is a common issue as holidays drastically slow down payments being deposited into your account.

There is also the option of taking out your earnings whenever you want through Doordash. This is an option that dashers get after they become delivery drivers.

This option allows you to take out your earnings whenever you want. You could even take out your earnings after every day that you work if necessary. Just keep in mind that a small fee is applied to use this method.

Why Can’t I See My Doordash Earnings?

Doordash Earnings Not Showing_

You may not be able to see your earnings on Doordash if there is an error with your payment information or the app is experiencing a glitch. These are the two most common issues that can cause your earnings to not be visible.

To figure out what the issue is, you will need to log into your account. Go to your payment information and check that everything is correct. Your routine and account numbers must be accurate to work.

You also need to have it set to your checking account, not your savings account. If all of that information is correct, you could try refreshing the app or logging out and logging back in to see if that helps.

If nothing is working and you still can’t see your earnings, you will need to call Doordash support. They will be able to assess the issue on their end and help you to resolve the issue.

It is not unheard of for this kind of glitch to occur where your earnings are hidden. They are usually still there, just not visible to you through your account.

If you ever experience any issues seeing your earnings that are unusual, you should contact Doordash support for help.

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