DoorDash Searching for Dasher

DoorDash Searching for Dasher

If you frequently order from DoorDash there are a few issues that you might run into. The problem with DoorDash searching for a Dasher is just one of them.

The DoorDash platform is always looking for Dashers who are genuinely interested in providing great customer service and want to be a part of our growing business.

If you do run into this issue, there are a few common reasons behind it. Reasons that you might be able to fix for the success of future orders.

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What Does it Mean When DoorDash is Searching for Dasher?

If you have ordered through DoorDash and get the notification that DoorDash is searching for a Dasher. This means that DoorDash has yet to find a driver to take your order.

This is a common issue that DoorDash customers face for a variety of reasons.

It can sometimes take up to an hour before DoorDash officially cancels an order that they cannot deliver. This can, understandably, be very frustrating for the customer.

As good of a system as DoorDash has, they do often find themselves without the necessary drivers. Or the drivers that they do have are not interested in certain orders.

Many drivers become picky about the order that they take because their pay is not always ideal. If you need a delivery far away or leave a small tip, you might not get your order picked up.

It can even come down to the restaurant that you ordered from. As some restaurants have a bad reputation for slowing down delivery drivers.

Why Didn’t a Dasher Pickup My Order?

If DoorDash is searching for a Dasher, this means that no one has picked up your order. This is unknowingly common with DoorDash as its drivers are independent contractors.

DoorDash cannot force drivers to pick up your order. It has very little control over what orders Dashers take, if they take any at all.

This can sometimes come against the customers as you are at the driver’s mercy. Hoping that one will decide that your order is worth picking up.

The DoorDash searching for Dasher notification is DoorDashes way of letting you know that they are having trouble finding a driver.

Sometimes DoorDash is genuinely low on drivers, but more often than not the Dashers are only taking specific orders. This is because they are trying to use their time as efficiently as possible.

This often means ignoring orders that are not large enough, are too far away, or don’t tip. This is because they have to take orders wisely in order to make a decent wage per hour.

This can be very irritating as a customer who has tried to order their food. But this is the reality of the food delivery industry. As drivers are not paid very well so they must become choosy over orders.

How Can I Get My DoorDash Order Picked Up?

If you are desperate to make sure that your DoorDash orders actually end up being taken by a driver. You will want to do a few things to set your order apart from the rest.

One of those things is to tip generously. This is by far the most effective way at getting your order taken by a Dasher.

It may seem ridiculous to have to leave a big tip for a simple food delivery. But these drivers work very hard and often don’t make much per hour. Many barely make minimum wage even though DoorDash has some of the best pay rates.

Another thing that you could try to do is only order larger orders. Drivers are paid according to the size of the order as well. So many may avoid grabbing small orders as they pay less and often tip less too.

Try to only order through DoorDash when you want a lot of food or order leftovers as well. This will make your order larger and therefore more profitable for the driver.

You could also do a quick online search to see what kinds of restaurants drivers tend to stay away from. Or try to order during slower times of the day, when other people are ordering less and leaving more Dashers to take on orders.

What Does DoorDash Searching for Dasher Mean?

If you have placed a DoorDash order, but it hasn’t gone through yet, and you receive a DoorDash searching for Dasher notification. This means that no driver has taken your order yet.

This is a frustrating experience to find yourself in as a customer. Especially after having set your heart on receiving your food in a timely manner.

The good thing is that there are a few things that you can do to try to prevent this from happening. Such as tipping better and making marker orders.

Just changing up a few things in how you order can help your orders to get picked up by a driver. So that you can have a much better chance at getting your DoorDash orders delivered.

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