DoorDash Employer Identification Number

If this is your first year working for DoorDash, you may be wondering what the DoorDash employer identification number means. As well as how you should find it and why you need it for your taxes.

This is one of those technical details that you will need if you are filing your taxes for your DoorDash earnings. You will want to keep in mind that you will not have to do this unless you earn a certain amount from DoorDash.

To find out more about DoorDash’s employer identification number, keep reading for more useful information.

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What is The Doordash Employer Identification Number?

The DoorDash employer identification number is the number that DoorDash has as an employer. This number is 46-2852392 and will be required when you are doing your taxes.

Keep in mind that you will not usually receive a 1099 form from DoorDash unless you earned at least $600. Otherwise, your income is not considered large enough for that year to receive a 1099 from DoorDash.

This identification number is not an employee number, especially since you are not considered to be an employee as a dasher. This is an employer number that is strictly DoorDash.

This will be requested on your 1099 form if you get one from DoorDash. This is just to confirm that DoorDash is the company that paid you for your earnings that you made that year.

How do I Find The EIN Number?

A quick search online should tell you the DoorDash employer identification number. It is the same for all areas as it is DoorDash’s number and is not different according to where you live.

Just make sure that you put it down correctly and double-check what you have added. This is a long number and would be easy to add incorrectly, which can cause issues with your tax form.

If you are worried about getting the correct number, you can double-check with several online sources.

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Do I Need an EIN for DoorDash?

DoorDash Employer Identification Number

You will not need to have your own EIN for DoorDash when filing taxes, but you do need the EIN for DoorDash specifically. This is the company’s identification number as an employer.

Individual dashers will not receive an EIN for themselves as they are either employers or employees. As a dasher, you are considered to be an independent contractor, not an accrual employee.

The only time that you will need DoorDash’s EIN is when you are filling out your 1099 tax form for your DoorDash income for that year. You will only receive one of these if you made over $600 in that year through dashing.

You will be asked for the employer identification number on your form where you will need DoorDash’s EIN. Make sure to add this number correctly and double-check it through different websites if you are worried about it being incorrect.

The number will also not change according to where you live, it will be the same for everyone.

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What is the Employer Identification Number for DoorDash?

The DoorDash employer identification number is DoorDash’s EIN as an employer. This is not something that dashers get as they are not an employer or an official employee.

This number is how DoorDash is able to be identified as an employer when you are doing taxes. This is important as it shows who paid you for that year’s earnings that you are filing.

You will generally only need this EIN when you are filling out a 1099 that DoorDash has sent to you. You will only receive this if you earned at least $600- that year through dashing for DoorDash.

You will not be given your own EIN, and you will not file your taxes as an employee of DoorDash. Dashers are considered to be independent contractors, which will make the filing process a bit different.

The EIn for DoorDash is 46-2852392 and will need to go under the employer identification number section on your 1099. This will be just one piece of information that you will need to include when filing out this form.

The rest of the information will mostly just apply to you and not DoorDash, so you will only need this number and your own information.

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