Does U-Haul Require a Deposit?

If you have never rented from U-Haul before, you may be wondering if it requires a deposit upfront. This is a good thing to know before going in to make your rental as you want to be prepared for any extra expenses.

Many places ask for a deposit when making your rental as a safety measure for later. This just helps to ensure that you will pay for what you have agreed to rent.

To find out whether or not U-Haul requires a depot when making a rental, keep reading for more information.

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Will U-Haul Require a Deposit?

Only cash payments require a deposit, while card payments do not if you are using a trusted kind of card. A deposit is only required to show that you are good for the payment, which is why it isn’t necessary if you have a card to pay with.

U-Haul sees major credit cards as a guarantee that you will pay your bill, which eliminates the need for a deposit. That is why a credit card is actually required in order to reserve any cargo vans or pickup trucks.

It is important that U-Haul knows that you can be trusted as it could lose a lot of money if you did not pay your bill. This is something that it always considers with renters as that is always a risk that could actually happen.

Does U-Haul Charge Before or After?

U-Haul will charge you for the full bill once you go to collect the things that you rented. You will be charged the full amount at that time and can pay with your preferred method.

If you had to add a deposit, that will be taken out of your final bill so that you don’t actually end up having to pay any extra. Make sure you bring all of the information that you may need, and they still might need some information for your rental.

If you plan on paying with cash, make sure you bring enough with you to pay the full bill. Otherwise, you will have to use the card you added to file.

This way, you will not have to do any more paperwork once your rental is complete and you go to drop it off. All you will need to do is return everything and drop off the keys since everything has already been paid for.

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Does U-Haul Accept Cash?

Does U-Haul Offer Any Discounts

U-Haul will accept cash, but there are some strings attached. You will be required to pay a deposit if you are paying with cash, as a kind of hold payment.

For out-of-town rentals, the deposit will be $100 or an estimated charge, while one-way moves can be $100 plus the rental rate. So it can be a lot more money upfront to pay in cash.

This is important to U-Haul as it acts as a guarantee that you will pay the rest of your bill. This is very important when paying in cash as it is a less trustworthy method of payment.

  • Keep in mind that you will have to add some kind of card to your rental as a backup measure.
  • This is required in case you do not pay so that U-Haul can still charge you.

If you make it clear that you wish to pay with cash, U-Haul will not charge your card unless you fail to pay. Otherwise, you can pay upfront in cash when you go to return your rental.

This system may be frustrating if you want to pay in cash, but it is very necessary for U-Haul. Because you are only billed after agreeing to the rental, it needs some way to guarantee that you will pay your bill.

It would be all too easy for someone to skip out on their final bill if they just paid with cash and didn’t have a card on file. Having a cash deposit also helps to guarantee that you do have the money and you will pay your bill.

This way, U-Haul won’t lose money by reserving a rental for someone who doesn’t come to pick it up.

Does U-Haul Offer Any Discounts?

U-Haul does not officially offer a military discount, but it has been known to give them out if asked. You can do this by calling the U-Haul support team or by requesting in person.

Does U-Haul Require a Deposit

Many local U-Haul places have been known to give 15% to 20% military discounts if they are asked about them. This can help you to get a significant amount of money taken off of your rental.

U-Haul also offers a long list of coupons and special discounts that are constantly on rotation. These include different kinds of rentals, services, and gear that you can get a discount off of.

These coupons and discounts are always changing, so make sure you take a look at them each time you need something from U-Haul. You never know when you may find a great deal that actually applies to you.

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Do I Have to Give U-Haul a Deposit?

You will not have to give U-Haul a deposit unless you are paying with cash instead of a card. If you pay with cash, you can expect to pay at least $100 as a deposit if not more, depending on your rental.

Keep in mind that you will still have to add a card on file even if you are paying with cash. This just acts as a safety net so that U-Haul can still charge you even if you fail to pay in cash.

Make sure you also bring your driver’s license to show as proof that it is valid. This is important as you will be driving its u-haul, so U-Haul wants your license to be legal.

Generally, U-Haul prefers to be paid with major credit cards as they are the most trustworthy. But you have the option to also pay with cash if you like, just expect to have to pay a deposit.

If you pay with a credit card, no deposit is required, just the full amount once you go to pick up your rental.

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