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DoorDash Escalation Team

DoorDash Escalation Team

Customer service or support departments typically include an escalation team, which has employees with more expertise and/or resources to handle more challenging support issues.

Being a large company with many customers, merchants, contractors, and employees, DoorDash certainly needs not only a customer service department, but an expert escalation team, as well.

What Is the DoorDash Escalation Team?

The DoorDash Escalation Team is a specialized team within DoorDash’s Support department. The employees in the DoorDash Escalation Team are typically more experienced support agents with greater expertise as well as access to additional resources so that they can solve more challenging issues than the general support department.

How Do I Contact the DoorDash Escalation Team?

There are a few ways to contact the DoorDash Escalation Team. In general, it seems that you reach them initially through DoorDash Support. You can reach DoorDash Support for drivers by calling 855-431-0459.

Another way to reach them is by chat on DoorDash’s Support page for drivers, which you can find here.

You can also contact the DoorDash Escalation Team via direct message on Twitter, @doordash_help.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Response from the DoorDash Escalation Team?

It’s been reported that an email response from the DoorDash Escalation Team can take about 22 hours. This may vary, however, depending on the number of cases they are dealing with, your specific issue, and their current level of staffing.

What Kind of Issues Does the DoorDash Escalation Team Handle?

The DoorDash Escalation Team has been known to handle a variety of issues, from IT to complex DoorDash delivery questions. A job description posted for DoorDash Escalation team members has an extensive description, describing them as a “jack of all trades.”

The description goes on to explain that the Escalation Team Specialists may provide a combination of “process enactment,” judgement calls, and “cross-functional communication.” They may be called upon to solve any problem that is passed up to them from the “front-line” support team.

These problems can include something being wrong with an order, problems with the DoorDash app, problems with a DoorDash Driver becoming fully activated, and most anything else that the front-line support team is unable to fully resolve on their own.

The Escalation Team Specialists also follow-up on various issues, including items that are known to have not been completed yet, as well as items for which follow-up can be anticipated.

Additionally, these team members are asked to analyze the performance of the operation support team via metrics and behavioral trends, note any trends or problems that should be attended to, as well as suggest any possible improvements to processes.

Escalation Team members are required to do all of the above while “being as delightful as humanly possible,” and demonstrating leadership, tech savvy, empathy, and excellent communication.

The job description also specifies that the Escalation Team handles issues for DoorDash drivers, in addition to issues from DoorDash customers and merchants.

What Do I Do If the Escalation Team Doesn’t Help Me?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of complaints online in various forums describing customers’ and DoorDash drivers’ frustrations with the DoorDash Escalation Team and what they feel is a lack of support.

If you feel like you are experiencing a lack of help from the DoorDash Escalation team, the best advice would be to be patient, but also persistent.

DoorDash is a large and rapidly growing company. Growing so quickly, it has a lot of new customers, new contractors (drivers), and even new merchants. That is a lot of people with a lot of questions.

All of the additional business also puts additional strain on their technology platforms, which could cause technical problems, too.

This all adds up to a lot of work for a limited number of support and Escalation Team members. Remember, they are people, too, and it never hurts to be polite and respectful. Keep following up and they’ll help you as soon as possible.

What the DoorDash Escalation Team Is

The specialized team within DoorDash Support that handles more challenging issues is called the DoorDash Escalation Team. The DoorDash Escalation Team is made up of employees who generally have more experience, greater expertise, and access to more resources so that they can solve the more complex issues that arise.

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