Uber Eats Didn’t Deliver My Food

Uber Eats Didn’t Deliver My Food
UberEats didn’t deliver your food and you want to know what is going on. It is not unheard of for UberEats to not deliver someone’s food.

Your food never arrived and you want an explanation.That is very understandable. There are many reasons why UberEats may not have delivered your food.

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Why Didn’t UberEats Deliver My Food?

So UberEats didn’t deliver your food. This is not acceptable and you want to know why your order never came. Well, there may be several things to blame for your order not arriving.

One reason your order didn’t arrive could be that the order didn’t go through. A glitch in the system could have prevented the system from acknowledging your order. This means that a driver never got your order. If the driver never got your order then he could not deliver it. Your order may not have been accepted by a driver. There could have been a shortage of delivery drivers and therefore, there was no one available to accept your order.

Unfortunately, it is very possible that your order was simply missed. There may be no other explanation than this. Somehow your order got tossed around and no one ever got around to accepting it.

Again, this is unacceptable to not deliver someone’s order but it does happen; more often than you can imagine. Either way, forgetting about an order is not a good excuse. Not having enough delivery drivers is an issue that a lot of delivery apps are faced within certain areas.

Surprisingly, another big reason why UberEats may not have delivered your food is that the delivery driver ate the food. Yes, this does happen frequently. More should be done about it but it is a reality that does take place with UberEats.

What To Do When UberEats Doesn’t Deliver My Order?

When UberEats doesn’t deliver your order you likely become upset and very frustrated. This is true even more so when you haven’t eaten a good meal all day and are hungry. There are a few things you can do about UberEats not delivering your order.

Uber Eats Order Never Arrived

You’ve been waiting for your order but it never arrived?

  • The first thing you can and should do is reach out to the driver to see if they can provide you with an explanation. If a driver accepted your order at all, they should have contacted you and you can just respond to that message. Simply ask them if they can update you on your order.
  • Another thing you can do is look at the notifications in the UberEats app.

There should be a section in the app that tells you exactly where your UberEats driver is and how far they are from your home or business. If you don’t see this or the driver appears not to be moving it is probably because your order is not coming.

You could also file a complaint on the UberEats website and let them know that you never got your food delivered.

One other thing you can do when your order does not show up is report the food missing. UberEats needs to know when their drivers or even the restaurants are messing up orders and deliveries. So do a Google search for UberEats customer support number and give them a call right away.

How Do I Report Missing Food to UberEats?

You can report missing food to UberEats in one of two ways. The first way is by filing a report or claim online. Log into your app and look near the bottom for something that says you can report or file a claim with UberEats.

Next, you can use a search engine like Google to look up the support number for UberEats. You can give them a call and explain to them that you placed an order but never received it. It may be important to include any other information that can help them determine where your order is.

For example, you could tell support if the delivery driver ever reached out to you or not. Explain what your app shows if it says the order has been delivered or if it shows that the order is still being made hours later. All of this is vital information to include.

Will UberEats Refund My Order Amount?

You may find that the UberEats driver has delivered your order except to the wrong address. If this does happen it will be UberEats responsibility to refund you the entire order amount. However, UberEats is going to do whatever they can to keep from refunding the money so they may offer you an UberEats credit for a future order.

If you are satisfied with this resolution then let it be. However, you can fight this and push for your full refund amount back to your payment method because they messed up on their end.


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