DoorDash Mileage Limit

With DoorDash there is a mileage limit. You should know this limit before you start accepting orders. These orders will be in different parts of town some further out than others. You need to be familiar with mileage and the mileage limit. Let’s discuss that now.

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What is the DoorDash Mileage Limit?

The DoorDash mileage limit I believe is 30 miles because this is the furthest you can travel with DoorDash orders. I’ve never heard of anyone getting an order that is further out but this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.

How Far Are Deliveries?

Deliveries can be from half a mile away up to 30 miles away. You can decide if you will take the order or not based on how far away it is. You can see how far away the delivery is before ever accepting the order.

If you are not wanting to drive too far, I would pay close attention to the mileage of the delivery or order. This can make a big difference in how far you have to drive. The mileage limit for DoorDash is about 30 miles so that is a long way to be driving.

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t want to drive far just to deliver food and that is understandable. Some people like orders that don’t take very long. You probably want to get in and out with each delivery being delivered as quickly as possible.

Can I Decline Orders Because of Mileage?

DoorDash Mileage Limit

Yes, you can decline orders for whatever reason you like. You can decline orders because you don’t like the kind of food they ordered. So of course you can decline because of mileage.

If you don’t want to drive out too far you don’t have to and no one can make you. DoorDash will not penalize you for declining orders. Just make sure you are thinking before you decline an order.

You do have a mileage limit, I believe you can’t get orders that are more than 30 miles away. Even if an order further away happens to somehow slip through, you may or may not want to accept it. It really is up to you if you want to accept a far away order.

At the end of the day, you are the one having to pay for gas to put in your vehicle. So how you approach these orders with high mileage is up to you.

Can I Travel Further Than the Mileage Limit?

Yes, I believe you can travel further than the mileage limit. If those orders that are far away come through you should be able to accept. No one is going to stop you from taking those orders.

You are a gig worker and you pretty much have control over all the things that you do. Yes, there are some things that DoorDash has control over but there aren’t a lot of things including but not limited to mileage. So basically yes you can travel further than the mileage limit if you would like to.

As long as you are getting those kinds of orders coming in, you can feel free to accept them.

Why Is There a Limit on Mileage?

DoorDash Mileage Limit_

There is a limit on mileage and that really doesn’t make sense to me. If you want to travel far distances then you should be allowed to. My best guess is that DoorDash is somehow trying to save themselves the trouble or some money.

DoorDash doesn’t really care about you so it is no surprise that they would limit you in some way. It doesn’t add up because you are a gig worker and mileage and everything else should be in your own control. Leave it to DoorDash to maintain control in some sort of way.

However, you don’t have much to worry about because you will get all kinds of orders. Some will be close by, maybe just up the street and others will be far away like over on the other side of town. If you think you are built to accept long distance orders then by all means do so.

Will I Be Compensated for Mileage?

I don’t want you to go into this thing thinking that DoorDash is going to somehow compensate you for mileage. They will not at all. Mileage is on you and gas is your responsibility.

DoorDash is not going to accommodate you and your needs when it comes to mileage in any kind of way.

What is the Mileage Limit on DoorDash?

The mileage limit on DoorDash is 30 miles. This 30 miles means that is how far you can drive for orders. If this is the limit then orders will not go over this mileage limit. DoorDash has limits on mileage for their own reasons.

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