How to Track DoorDash Mileage?

Mileage stats is an important part of working for DoorDash. If you are wanting to know more about mileage and do not understand how it all works, keep reading.

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What are DoorDash Mileage Stats?

DoorDash mileage stats have a lot to do with how much driving you are doing when you make deliveries for DoorDash. Your stats that you drive outside of DoorDash does not count at all. You can only count the stats you drive when you are driving for DoorDash.

What is Mileage with DoorDash?

Mileage with DoorDash is basically knowing how many miles you have driven while working for DoorDash as a gig worker. Even though you are a gig worker and not an employee for DoorDash, keeping up with your mileage is still very important. You’ll need to know your mileage stats for business purposes because you are now considered as having your own business.

What Is the Average Mileage for DoorDash?

DoorDash Mileage Stats

The average mileage for DoorDash is about 150 miles per day because according to some people on the internet, gig workers with DoorDash travel between 75-290 miles per day, which is a lot.

I did some research and this is as close to getting an average as we’re going to get. There is not a whole lot of information on the internet or anywhere about mileage with DoorDash. The purpose of knowing DoorDash mileage is because it can help you save money on your tax bill which we will talk about soon.

Does DoorDash Keep Track of Mileage?

No, DoorDash does not keep track of mileage. This is something that you will have to figure out and set up all on your own. Because you are a gig worker, DoorDash doesn’t care about you or your mileage.

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Why Does DoorDash Not Track Mileage?

DoorDash does not track mileage because they don’t feel the need to. As a gig worker and not an employee, there is only so much they are actually required to do for their gig workers. In all actuality, they aren’t required to do much of anything by law.

When you work for DoorDash it is like you are really out there on your own. You are your own boss, not DoorDash. You call the shots and say when, where, and how you work for the most part.

DoorDash won’t do more than they have to or more than they deem necessary. So to think that they are going to help you with mileage is kind of far fetched. They don’’t have to and they aren’t going to. It’s really that simple.

Does DoorDash Pay for Mileage?

DoorDash Mileage Stats_

No, DoorDash does not pay you for mileage. Again, you are only a gig worker to them and they aren’t required to compensate you for mileage. At this point, you are considered a business person and therefore you are responsible for your own mileage.

The closest you’ll get to finding help with mileage is if you set it up yourself.

How to Track DoorDash Mileage?

There are a few ways you can track DoorDash mileage. However, we are all about ease so the easiest way to track DoorDash mileage is by using a tracking app to track all of the mileage from your DoorDash deliveries. Using an app is also the best way to track mileage because all you have to do is set up the app and enter some of your information and you are good to go.

You can find several apps in the play store or app store. It depends on what kind of phone that you have. Go to your app store and type in Mileage tracker and I guarantee you some options will come up.

You’ll want to check the reviews because this will tell you how reliable or accurate people believe the app is based on their own experiences. Once you have decided on an app, you should install it and wait for it to download.

Next, you’ll want to set up your account and get things going. Now when you go to drive for DoorDash you’ll be ready.

Track DoorDash Mileage for Taxes

For tax purposes, you need to know your mileage stats from DoorDash. This will help lower the cost of your tax bill significantly. This is especially true if you drive for DoorDash a lot and have accumulated a lot of mileage.

Your tax bill will be lower because you have a ton of mileage. If you’ve been working for DoorDash for any amount of time then you should have a good amount of miles.

What are the Mileage Stats for DoorDash?

You will get mileage stats based on how much you drive for DoorDash. This is easy to keep track of with the right mileage tracking app. You will want to know these stats at the end of the year for tax purposes.

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