DoorDash DashPass Refund

You have a DashPass subscription but now you want to cancel it. You want to know if you can get a refund. Let’s find out.

You probably could get a DashPass refund by contacting customer support. Someone there should be able to initiate a refund back to the payment method that you used. You should have no problem getting a DashPass refund from DoorDash. DoorDash may make this process hard.

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DoorDash Charged Me $9.99

DoorDash likely charged you $9.99 because you subscribed to DashPass. When you subscribe to something you do so expecting that there is going to be a recurring charge. However, some people don’t think of this or even know this when they subscribe to DoorDash DashPass.

If you aren’t sure why they are charging you then you need to contact someone right away. It could be an honest mistake or DoorDash could be trying to get over on you. You may have subscribed for DashPass in the past but then tried to unsubscribe but they keep charging you.

When this happens you have to fight back and get them to stop charging you. It is not right or fair that DoorDash feels they can keep charging people even after they’ve been told to stop. This is horrible and unethical and they have to be stopped.

If they do it to you they will do it to other people and that just isn’t right. DoorDash could be charging you every month for a service that you aren’t using. Since you aren’t benefiting from DoorDash you should get the subscription canceled right away.

Is DashPass Worth It?

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Whether DashPass is worth it or not, depends a lot on you. Do you think it is worth it? You may use DashPass when ordering from DoorDash a lot or on occasion.

In this case, DashPass may be worth it for you at least. On the other hand, if you do not use DashPass or don’t know anything about it, let it go. It is just not worth the money.

That is $9.99 extra you could have in your pocket every month or that you could be spending on something else.

DashPass does have some perks and benefits that you may find appealing. You can get discounts and incentives for being a DoorDash customer that uses DoorDash. In this case, DoorDash DashPass may be worth it.

Personally, I don’t think DashPass provides enough benefits because you’ll see when using DashPass that your DoorDash order is still fairly expensive. Which makes you think what exactly is the purpose of DashPass. In this instance, DashPass is not worth it.

Find out whether DoorDash compensates for milege or not and how DoorDash works for drivers.

Canceling A DashPass Subscription

You should be able to cancel your DashPass subscription right in the app. When you open the app you should go to your account. In your account section of the app there is going to be an option for you to manage your DashPass.

You’ll click on this and select the end subscription option and your subscription should be canceled. I say it should be because there are some reasons why the cancellation would not go through.

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Why Did My DashPass Not Cancel

So you canceled your DashPass but you are still being charged for some reason. One reason could be that the cancellation obviously didn’t go through. There could be some kind of glitch in the system that didn’t allow the cancellation to go through.

Your DashPass could have not been canceled because you clicked on the wrong option or didn’t actually cancel it like you thought you did. Either way, you are still being charged by DoorDash for DashPass.

Get a Refund For DashPass Cancellation

Honestly, no you probably will not get a refund for your DashPass cancellation. You may have to count it as a loss. You should definitely try to get a refund but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

You are probably thinking that it is only $9.99 but that is your money and you deserve to get it back. I wouldn’t care if it was only $3. If you canceled the subscription and they still took your money I would fight for that $3 and it is no different with the $9.99.

Why Haven’t I Received Any Money Yet

DoorDash DashPass Refund

There is really no telling why you haven’t received your refund yet. DoorDash is a low-down company and they may not have any intentions to give you a refund. DoorDash does not go out of their way to help anyone.

They will promise you a refund and still not do anything about it. It is like they tell you enough to get you off of their backs but then they turn around and do what they want. Maybe they have no intention of giving you your money back.

No one really knows what DoorDashs’ intentions are. But you can be sure that they aren’t going to go out of their way to please you or make you happy and that’s sad. It’s businesses like this that don’t last because of how they deal with their customers.

DoorDash Won’t Give Me a Refund

You may have tried to get a refund for the money that DoorDash took out for DashPass. I’m sure they didn’t make it easy for you to get a refund. DoorDash probably won’t give you a refund because they don’t care about you as a customer.

It’s not because they don’t think they owe you a refund because they know they do. DoorDash probably think it’s your fault that the subscription never ended so why should they have to compensate for your mistakes. You just never really know how DoorDash is viewing the situation.

It could be that they really don’t think they owe you anything. DoorDash is the kind of company where the customer isn’t always right. So knowing that, you are probably not shocked at the way that DoorDash is choosing to handle your situation.

The best thing you can do when DoorDash refuses to refund your DashPass amount is to count it as a loss. It is really not worth going any further than that. Or you could contact the corporate office.


You will get your DashPass refund if you are in the right but not if you are the one at fault. DoorDash is going to finger point and do everything to keep from giving you a refund because this costs them money.

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