Why Is My DoorDash Rating So Low?

So you have a low DoorDash rating and that is unfortunate. Today, we’ll talk a little more about the DoorDash rating and why it is so low. Having a low rating is no fun and can really suck for you.

It really sucks even more if you aren’t even sure why your rating is so low. You probably were thinking you were doing a good job but you really weren’t and that’s messed up for you.

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Why Do I Have a Low DoorDash Rating?

You probably have a low DoorDash rating because you have been given some bad reviews. This is the main cause of a low DoorDash rating. It could also be that you have grabbed some orders and didn’t complete them or you took too long to deliver the food to the customer.

Sometimes it can be hard to know why you have a low DoorDash rating. You may be able to call someone and get the situation explained in detail to you so you will know for the future what not to do.

How Can I Get My DoorDash Rating Up?

You can probably get your DoorDash rating up but it is not going to be easy. First, you need to make sure you can actually deliver an order on time before actually accepting it. If you know for a fact you can’t deliver the order on time then you should not accept the order.

Delivering on time is just the start of it because there are other things you have to do to get your rating up. You need to deliver on time and have a good attitude when you deliver. Don’t be eating the customers’ food or stealing it at all.

What Did I Do to Get A Low Rating?

Why Is My DoorDash Rating So Low_

Your rating is probably low if you have a lot of bad reviews. Your reviews could be negative if the customer feels like you took too long to deliver their food or if you were rude when you arrived. Believe it or not, having a bad or negative attitude when approaching the customer can lead to a bad review.

You may think you did nothing to get a low rating but there had to be something that you didn’t or wasn’t doing right. We will discuss what leads to bad reviews more in the next section.

Can People Leave Me Bad Reviews?

Yes, people most definitely can and will leave you bad reviews. There are so many different reasons why you will get a bad review from a customer. For one thing, your attitude does matter.

You can’t be pulling up to people’s homes and having a bad attitude. Just deliver the food and be as kind as possible. It will pay off to be nice and you may even get a bigger tip.

People can leave you bad reviews if you ate some of their food or if they never got their order in the first place. It could have been an honest mistake and you forgot to deliver the order or maybe you actually did eat the order up. Regardless, not delivering the order at all or only delivering some of it because you ate the rest.

Let’s say you dropped some of the food out of the bag and onto the car floor. You pick it up, not thinking twice about it and put it back into the bag. When the customer gets the food they notice there is trash in it.

What do you think they are going to do? Leave a bad review of course and they’ll also think you did this on purpose which does not look good for you.

What to Do About a Low Rating?

Why Is My DoorDash Rating So Low--

There isn’t a whole lot you can do about a low rating. Sometimes you just have to deal with that low review and move on. I’m not sure that it is possible to change your rating once it has dropped so low.

I believe if your rating gets low enough DoorDash will probably deactivate your account. If you don’t want to lose your account you may want to get that rating up. Where there is a will there is a way and there must be a way to get your rating up.

A low rating is not the end to everything but it can be if you don’t get a hold of it. Even if you can’t get the rating up, you should do your best to keep the rating from falling any lower than it has. When it comes to a low rating, you should do better from here on out and try to keep going in spite of that bad rating even though I know it sucks big time.

Why Is My DoorDash Rating Low?

Your DoorDash rating is low and you are trying to figure out why. That could be for a number of reasons. One big reason is that you don’t deliver the way you are supposed to and many customers have left you bad reviews.

Do what you can to get your reviews and ratings back up if you don’t want to be fired as a gig worker. You can’t really be fired because you aren’t an employee but DoorDash can and will deactivate your dasher account. If you don’t want this to happen you better get your game up.

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