DoorDash Wrong Order

You ordered DoorDash and you waited on it to get to you. But when it gets to you, the order is not right. Let’s talk about this wrong order.

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DoorDash Gave Me the Wrong Order

It is possible that DoorDash gave you the wrong order. There may have been some sort of mix up because that is what DoorDash is good at doing, screwing things up including orders. If you don’t get what you ordered then you should file a complaint with DoorDash.

Where is the Food I Ordered?

The food you ordered could be anywhere. It may be in someone else’s belly. This is the unfortunate reality of ordering from DoorDash.

It is nothing for them to mess up your order and then not take responsibility for it. The food you ordered is obviously lost or in limbo. Another driver may have accidentally picked it up and then your driver grabbed the wrong bag.

You can imagine that it went something like this since you received the wrong order. You won’t be the only one disappointed because whoever got your order will also be very upset. They ordered some things and got something totally different.

I’m sure you are very frustrated but all hope may not be lost. There are a few things you can do to try to get the right order. Don’t lose your cool but know that getting to a resolution will not be easy.

DoorDash is not all that customer friendly and therefore they will give you trouble about a wrong order. They are probably going to say that it is your fault or something else that doesn’t make sense to you at all.

What to Do About a Wrong Order?

DoorDash Wrong Order

First, I would reach out to the DoorDash driver and let them know that they brought you the wrong order. What you do next depends a lot on what the driver says. They may offer to bring the order back out but this is likely going to be nearly impossible to do because the order has already technically been picked up.

One thing I can tell you is not to think for a second that you are going to get a free meal on DoorDash even though it wouldn’t be free because you already paid for it. DoorDash is not even built like that to be fair to you.

Another thing you could do about a wrong order is call and complain to the corporation. Corporate will normally get on them and make them do their job. On the other hand, corporate may not do much to rectify the issue but it can’t hurt to give it a try.

Will DoorDash Replace My Order?

No, DoorDash probably won’t replace your order. They’ll likely offer you some sort of credit but it won’t be enough to make up for what happened to your food. DoorDash is not trying to be fair and replace your food.

They are worried about what is more beneficial for them and their pocketbooks. DoorDash is not the best at customer service or support. If I were you, I would not expect DoorDash to do more than they feel is necessary.

It would be only right if they did replace your order but then again you can’t count on this because DoorDash does not do what is right. If you know DoorDash then you know just how true this statement is.

DoorDash may give you a credit in the amount of money that you paid for your order. Or they may simply do nothing and send you on your happy way.

Should I Order From DoorDash Again?

DoorDash Wrong Order_

No, absolutely not. You definitely should not order from DoorDash again. They suck and that is on that. For several reasons, you do not and should not order from DoorDash again.

DoorDash has so many issues that are too numerous to count. There is always something going on with this delivery service. You have to be careful when dealing with them.

DoorDash does not do a good job at helping fix their mistakes. DoorDash is always doing something out of the way to offend their customers. They do not do right by those customers either.

You should not keep giving your money to DoorDash. DoorDash does not deserve your loyalty especially when they are always messing up on people’s orders. If they brought you the wrong order and do not want to fix it then there is no reason you should order with them again.

DoorDash Brought Me the Wrong Order

DoorDash brought you the wrong order and they probably don’t want to do anything about it. They’ll just deny it or blame the mistake on you but if you know you ordered the right thing you should complain to DoorDash. If they won’t help, take it to the corporate office.

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  1. I just received the wrong order from DoorDash and the driver couldn’t fix it, so I reported to DoorDash and they immediately processed a full refund. While the experience was annoying, it’s the only time I’ve received a completely wrong order from them in the approximately 2 years I’ve been ordering from them.

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