Making Multiple Uber Accounts

You might be tempted to make multiple Uber accounts, perhaps to use a “new customer” incentive again, or maybe because you forgot your original account information.

There are some problems with creating multiple Uber accounts, however, which you should be aware of, as well as some solutions for legitimate reasons for creating multiple Uber accounts.

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Multiple Uber Accounts

You may be able to have up to two Uber accounts on the same device, and/or set up a family account for multiple users. Be aware, however, that Uber attempts to identify fraudulent duplicate accounts. This can lead to promotion codes not working or other problems.

Fake Multiple Uber Accounts

While it may seem like you can make multiple Uber accounts, remember that Uber is a multi-billion dollar, publicly-traded company which mainly considers itself to be a technology company.

They must look after their investors’ interests and have the technological and monetary means to do so.

A big part of looking after their investors’ interests (and the company’s profit) is to make sure that they are bringing in enough new customers with enticing incentives, while at the same time not giving money away to people who are using fake duplicate accounts.

Uber’s programming looks for several red flags that might indicate multiple Uber accounts by the same person.

One red flag for multiple accounts by the same user is if the same phone number or email is used on more than one account.

Making Multiple Uber Accounts_

Other red flags include the same billing address and/or the same credit card number.

It may even be possible for Uber to identify multiple accounts by the same user via thumbprint or facial recognition if those are used on your device.

Uber’s system may also red flag accounts if they recognize that there are multiple accounts on the same device through any other means.

If multiple accounts are detected for the same user, Uber may disqualify certain promotions, or they may even disable one or some of the suspected duplicate accounts.

Solutions to Multiple Uber Accounts – Family Account

If you have a legitimate reason for creating multiple accounts, there may be some solutions available to you.

If you really just have multiple users, Uber currently lets you add up to 4 multiple profiles (including yourself) to the same account with a family account. This way you can store different addresses, preferences, etc. without causing problems to any of the accounts.

To set up an Uber Family Account, you will first go to “Settings” in the app, and then select “Family.” Next, you will select “Set up your family.”

From there, you will follow the prompts to select and invite people from your contact list to be part of your Uber Family Account.

Uber notes that, at this time, you may only invite one person at a time. You then have to wait for them to accept the invitation before adding another member. Make sure to let them know to download the Uber app before they try to accept your invitation.

The invited family member will then be able to choose the “Family Profile” option for their payment method.

Uber explains more details for setting up multiple users under a family account, as well as refining the setting preferences and more, here.

Solutions to Multiple Uber Accounts – More Than One Account

Making Multiple Uber Accounts

Some users report that they have set up to two separate Uber accounts on the same device and toggle back and forth between them. These users state that they use different email accounts.

This, of course, is exactly what Uber tries to avoid, as it is often an attempt to use promotions more often than allowed. Doing this is not recommended because it is also very likely to create a red flag in Uber’s system for a fake multiple Uber account.

If creating multiple Uber accounts is a matter of different preferences and users, see the prior section about creating an Uber Family Account.

Another issue related to multiple accounts is trying to have a separate Uber Eats and Uber account.

Experienced Uber users advise that you actually can and should have the same account log-in information for both Uber and Uber Eats. Trying to set up separate accounts for each division can create problems as described elsewhere in this article.

To solve this issue, just delete one of the accounts and log back into the app using the same log-in information that you use for the other Uber division. In other words, choose your log-in for Uber or Uber Eats and stick with that for both of them.

How to Delete a Duplicate Uber Account

Once you’ve realized that you erroneously have multiple Uber accounts, the best solution is usually to delete the extra account(s).

To delete one of the accounts, first log-in to the account you wish to delete. Then go to “Settings” and then “Privacy.” Look for “Delete Your Account” near the bottom and then click on that to complete deleting that account.

Keep doing this for any other duplicate accounts you may have, leaving just your primary account saved.

If you have any trouble successfully deleting one of your Uber accounts, simply reach out to Uber for help. Look under the “Contact Uber or Uber Eats” section below for all of Uber’s contact information.

Additionally, if deleting the extra accounts does not solve all of your issues, such as promotions or other features not working, you can also try completely closing out of the app and then restarting it. If that still doesn’t solve your problem, reach out to Uber and ask for help using one of the methods below.

Multiple Uber Accounts – Uber and Uber Eats

As mentioned earlier, something that not everyone seems to be aware of is that you can actually have just one account for Uber and Uber Eats. If you have signed up for one, you can – and probably should – use the same log-in for the other.

On the other hand, unfortunately, many people report that if you have used a “first-time customer” promotion for one, you might not be able to use it for the other.

This seems somewhat unfair, and possibly even a bit of a mistake. If this has happened to you, you can try reaching out to Uber or Uber Eats to ask them to honor the first-time customer promotion for the other division.

Contacting Uber or Uber Eats

You can call Uber Eats at 800-253-9377 or 800-253-6882, or Uber at 800-593-7069.

Or, you can also send them a tweet @Uber_Support (Be aware that this option makes your request public on the internet.)

Other options for reaching out to them include emailing them or going to the Help section of the app. Uber has communicated that it is now too big to handle its customer service exclusively by email and encourages users to use the Help button instead. Uber Eats still has an email contact of, however.

Creating Multiple Uber Accounts

Making Multiple Uber Accounts.

Uber customers can set up a family account for up to 4 users, and/or might be able to have up to two accounts on the same device. Customers should be aware, however, that Uber tries to identify fake duplicate accounts and can block promotion codes or enact other consequences.

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