FedEx Barcode Label Unreadable and Replaced

If you get a notification from FedEx saying that your barcode label was unreadable and replaced, you may not know what this means exactly. This is a common concern as this FedEx notification is not exactly straightforward for most people.

This can get you worried that your package may be delayed or may be entirely undeliverable. Do you need to do something on your end to get your package, or is it going to be able to be shipped to you at all?

These are all common concerns that people may have when they get this notification. Keep reading to find out what FedEx means when it sends an unreadable and replaced notification about your package.

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What Does a FedEx Unreadable and Replaced Barcode Notification Mean?

If you get a FedEx notification saying the barcode label is unreadable and replaced, you may not understand what this means. This is a common notification that simply means the barcode label has an issue and was reprinted by FedEx.

This is not something to concern yourself over as it is a very minimal issue with your package. This can often happen for several reasons, such as:

  • The label was torn
  • The label had water damage
  • The writing was smudged or incorrect

When this happens, FedEx cannot simply ship your package as the barcode label must be easy to read in order for it to be delivered correctly. Because of this, FedEx has to replace the barcode label before sending it on its way.

The good thing is that this is just a small hiccup for your package and will be quickly resolved by FedEx. You don’t have to do anything on your end, this is just a notification to let you know what is going on.

Many people will immediately get concerned and worry about their package getting delivered, but this is a very minimal problem. FedEx will quickly create the new label for your package and send it to you like normal.

Does an Unreadable and Replaced FedEx Barcode Hinder Shipping?

Now that you know what an unreadable and replaced label notification means, you probably want to know what happens now. Is your package going to be delivered, or is it going to experience a delay because of this problem?

FedEx Barcode Label Unreadable and Replaced

The good thing is that an unreadable barcode label is really no big deal and won’t interfere with your package being shipped. It may be delayed by a few hours or a day, but this is usually a very small delay in the grand scheme of things.

Your new barcode label will be quickly reprinted and attached to the package so that it can be delivered like usual. This is only a small delay in the shipping process and won’t cause much trouble.

You don’t have to do anything on your end either, as FedEx takes care of these kinds of issues. The notification just lets you know the progress of your package and that there was a small issue.

This way, if there is a delay, you will understand why. You will also know why it may be held at a FedEx facility a little longer than expected during the shipping process.

What Does a Red Exclamation Mark Mean on FedEx Tracking?

If you see a red exclamation mark when you go to track your FedEx package, this means that your package is expecting a delay. Unlike an unreadable and replaced label, this means there really is a delay for your package.

This could be due to a holiday backing everything up or an issue with your package. This exclamation mark is just a signal to you to expect a delay when you go to track where your package is.

What Does FedEx Exceptionally Damaged Mean?

FedEx may give you an exceptionally damaged notification if your package has been damaged during the shipping process. This is actually a very common issue as FedEx can sometimes be too rough with packages during shipping.

This is a notification that lets you know about this so that you aren’t shocked when you see your package. Though this notification doesn’t do much else besides warn you of the damage.

You will have 60 days after receiving the package to file a complaint against FedEx if the damage is substantial. A damaged package could easily result in a loss for you if the item inside was also damaged.

Because of this risk, FedEx generally covers damages for items that have a value of $100 or more. This allows you to file a complaint and try to get reimbursed if FedEx damaged your item along the way.

It can be important to do this if you suffered a financial loss due to a mishandled FedEx package. If it really did end up damaged, you should try to notify FedEx so that you can try to get your money back due to the damages.

What Does FedEx Mean by an Unreadable and Replaced Barcode Notification?

If you get an unreadable and replaced notification from FedEx about your barcode label, this just means that the label had to be replaced. This could be due to scratches, tears, or water damage that made the barcode unreadable.

FedEx will replace these kinds of labels so that it can continue to deliver your package like normal. This will not usually cause any significant delays and allows you to still receive your package.

You don’t have to do anything when you get this label, it just lets you know that there was an issue, but FedEx took care of it for you.

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