H&M Return Policy

If you have an H&M item that you wish to return, you probably want to know about the H&M return policy. This can help you to understand, whether or not your item is eligible to be returned and refunded by H&M.

In theory, this is best to know before ever making a purchase, as every return policy is different. This way, you could avoid confusion or irritation later on if your item isn’t eligible to be returned and refunded.

Some stores don’t allow returns either, so you should always check out the return policy for any store you buy from. Keep reading to find out what kind of return policy H&M has and what returns are eligible by the store.

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What Is the H&M Return Policy Like?

H&M is a popular store where people can get all kinds of things from clothing to shoes to purses. It also has a very reasonable return policy that allows you to make any return after 30 days of having made the purchase.

This gives you more than enough time to decide if you are happy with the item that you bought. This is also free to do, so you don’t have to worry about paying any kind of return fees.

Some stores may require a return fee, but H&M doesn’t, so you can return what you need to at any time. There are some rules to this, however, as there are certain standards that H&M accepts for returns.

This means that any H&M return must be in a specific condition to be returned, such as:

  • Unworn
  • Unwashed
  • Like new condition
  • With original price tags attached
  • With a receipt

As long as your H&M return applies to these standards, you should be able to have a successful return. This allows you to get a refund, so that you can spend it on another H&M item that you may want even more.

All H&M returns must be in such good condition that they are considered to be resalable.

Does H&M Accept Returns After 30 Days?

If you have held on to your H&M item for longer than 30 days, you probably want to know if it can still be returned. This is a good question as the same timeframe for return is flexible depending on the circumstances.

Will H&M Accept Returns Without a Receipt

With H&M, you can still return items after 30 days, though you won’t be getting a refund. To do this, you will have to settle for an exchange within the store for a similarly priced item.

If you are returning a $30 pair of shoes after 30 days, you will need to exchange them for something that is also $30. This does not apply to items that have a marked-down price or are on sale.

Exchanges can only be made for items of the same value that are listed as the original price. The thing you are returning must also be in like new condition and be unworn.

This option is a great option for anyone who accidentally held onto their purchase for too long, but they still want to return it. This allows you to exchange it for something else in the store so that it isn’t a complete loss.

Will H&M Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

Because many stores don’t accept any kinds of returns without a receipt, this is a detail that you may want to know more about. This can make or break your return depending on where you are returning an item to.

H&M Return Policy

The good thing is that H&M will accept returns even if you don’t have a receipt. It is always best to have your receipt, but returns are possible without one.

In this instance, you will not be able to get a full refund for your original payment method. Instead, H&M will allow you to exchange your return for another H&M product.

Just like the policy for returns after 30 days, exchanges without a receipt must be the original price that is the same value as the returned item. This allows you to still technically return the unwanted item even if you don’t have the receipt.

This is an option that many customers commonly use as it is so easy to lose a receipt. Especially if you really thought that the item you bought was going to work out, but you later changed your mind.

Will H&M Accept Returns With Tags Removed?

You may be worried about making an H&M return if the tags have been removed. This is a common issue as you may have removed the tags without thinking about it when trying on the clothes.

What Kind of Return Policy Does H&M Have

Though H&M prefers that items are returned with the original tags, this is not necessarily a deal breaker. In many instances, H&M will still accept a return even if the tags have been removed.

This is as long as the item is obviously in good condition and has not been washed or worn. If this is the case, this item can still be returned to H&M for a full refund or an exchange, depending on what you want.

Some things that cannot be returned, no matter what are:

  • Hygienic items
  • Opened cosmetics
  • Underwear or bikinis that have been worn

These are a few H&M products that cannot be returned under any circumstances. This is non-negotiable as they cannot be returned for health and sanitary reasons.

How Long Before I Get My H&M Refund?

If you are delivering your H&M return in person to one of the stores, you should expect the process to be quick and simple. As long as the item aligns with the standards that H&M has set, this return should be a success.

This means that you will get your refund put into your original payment method immediately. It should be visible that day or within a few business days, depending on the payment method.

For online returns, it will take a little longer as the returned item must arrive at the H&M facility to be processed. Once processed and inspected, you will be issued a full refund for your payment method.

This can take up to 14 days, so be prepared to wait for a while before seeing this refund. You will usually get a notification once you have been refunded, then it may take a few days to actually see the money.

What Kind of Return Policy Does H&M Have?

H&M has a very flexible return policy that makes it very easy to make any returns that you don’t want. This needs to be done within 30 days of making the purchase to get a full refund.

If you have waited past 30 days, you can still return the item, you just won’t be refunded. Instead, you will be able to do an exchange with another H&M item that is the same price as the one you are returning.

H&M can also accept returns if the tags have been removed or you don’t have your receipt. There are only a few instances where returns are not allowed as the items must be in like new condition to be accepted.

This makes H&M a great place to make returns if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

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