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If you have bought something at Joann’s, you may be wondering if you are able to return something you no longer want to Joann’s. This is a very good question as you want to ensure that you can make a return if you need to.

Maybe you bought the wrong kind of item and need to return it because you don’t need it, or you simply don’t want to keep it anymore. This is why it is important to know the return policies for the stores that you shop from.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can return unused items to Joann’s to get a refund.

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What is Joann’s Return Policy?

Joann’s is a great place to make your returns as it has a comprehensive return policy for all of its stores. This makes it easy for customers to know exactly what they can and cannot return to this fabric and craft store.

This could be important if you are a Joann’s customer and frequently buy from this store. You will eventually find yourself needing to return something if you no longer need or want it and want your money back.

At Joann’s, you must start the return within 90 days of having bought the item. After 90 days, your item will no longer qualify for a return as you have held onto it for too long.

It is also worth mentioning that making a return without the original receipt is a possibility. This is not something that most stores offer, but Joann’s does have a way of making this possible if you don’t have your receipt anymore.

If you don’t have the receipt, you can get store credit or exchange the item for another. There are only a few instances when returns are not possible, such as:

  • When items are damaged
  • After 90 days
  • The items are worn
  • Bulk purchases

These are the only times where a return is not possible at Joann’s due to its return policies. This is why you will want to try to keep your Joann’s items in new condition if you haven’t decided to keep them or not.

Does Joann’s Give Full Refunds?

Thankfully, Joann’s is one of the businesses that will give you a full refund if you have returned something to the store. This applies to both in-store and online purchases of Joann’s merchandise.

Joann’s Return Policy

How you are refunded will depend on how you paid for the item as you will be refunded to your original payment method. If you paid with a card, you will be refunded to that card, if you use Paypal, you will receive a Joann’s gift card.

Keep in mind that this only applies to returns where you have the original receipt to show as proof of the purchase. If you don’t have this, you will have to accept either store credit or exchange the item, as you won’t get a refund.

This is still a great option as you can get something else from Joann’s to make up for what you returned. This is an option that you won’t find at many other stores as receipts are often required.

Can I Ship a Joann’s Return?

If you are planning on making a Joann’s return, it is important to note that you can only do this in two ways. For in-store purchases, you will need to make those returns to the store where you bought the items.

You can do this by bringing the item and your receipt to the store and asking to return the item. This should be a simple process as long as you can verify that this purchase was made by you and the item is undamaged.

For online orders, you will have the option of shipping the return or taking it to a store. If you want to return it to the store, you need to print off your receipt or the shipping label as proof that you made that purchase.

You can then drop it off at the store to return it. If you want to ship your return, head to your orders and grab the shipping label to print off. You can tape this label to the outside of your package and ship it via a mail carrier.

Does Joann’s Have a Return Policy?

Joann’s is a store that has a fantastic return policy that is easy for customers to understand and follow. You can make your returns by going directly to your local Joann’s or by shipping the item to Joann’s.

You can get a full refund if you do this with the receipt, or you can get store credit or have an exchange without a receipt. You will also have up to 90 days to start the process of making your return.

This gives you plenty of time to decide if this product is the right fit for you and what you need it for.

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