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If you have purchased eyewear from Oakley, you may be wondering what its return policy is like. Is it easy to return items to Oakley, or does it not accept returns? Can you return anything to Oakley, or are there item guidelines?

These are all common questions for people looking to make a return to Oakley if something didn’t turn out. It is very important to understand this return policy as there is a good chance that you will be making a return.

Eyewear is tricky when bought online, and you may not like the item when you see it in person. Keep reading to find out what Oakley’s return policy is like and what kinds of returns it accepts.

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What Is Oakley’s Return Policy?

Oakley is a popular online website that allows you to buy the kinds of eyewear that you may need to see clearly. The good thing is that it also has a great return policy that gives you plenty of leverage when you need to make a return.

At Oakley, you have 3o days to make your return if you are not happy with what you have purchased. This timeline starts once you have received your package so that you have plenty of time to decide on your purchase.

This is extremely useful for those purchasing eyewear, and you may not be happy when you actually see it in person. This is something that is very personal, so you have to decide how you feel about it in person.

Oakley understands this and has made submitting returns simple so that you aren’t stuck with a product that you don’t like. This is very useful as eyewear needs to be worn, so you may change your mind after trying them on.

Oakley has made returning eyewear that you aren’t happy with very simple and straightforward. This way, you won’t end up getting stuck with a purchase that isn’t right for you.

Other benefits to buying from Oakley include its warranties that help to cover damage to your eyewear.

Will Oakley Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

If you want to return something to Oakley, you probably want to know if you need a receipt to do so. This can be very important as some companies won’t accept returns without a valid receipt.

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This is important because a receipt acts as proof that you made that purchase. Without a receipt, you may not have bought that item or the return date is past, and it is no longer eligible.

Because of these reasons, Oakley requires you to include a receipt when you make any kind of return. This can often be found online if you review your orders and print them off to include in the return package.

Though a receipt is always going to be included with your order, you should hang onto this in case you want to return it. If you do not have the receipt, Oakley cannot guarantee you a return.

This is the proof of purchase, so without it, you most likely won’t be able to get a refund.

Can Anything be Returned to Oakley?

Oakley has a great return policy as it allows you to return all kinds of eyewear back to the store. This is very useful as you may not be happy with the actual physical item that you have ordered.

Will Oakley Accept Returns Without a Receipt

Because of this, Oakley will accept all returns that follow these guidelines:

  • It must be in its original condition
  • It can’t be damaged
  • It must be in its original packaging
  • It has to be able to be resold

As long as your return follows these standards, you should be able to get a refund from Oakley. Keep in mind that this could take up to 10 business days before you see your refund come into your account.

All returns to Oakley will be examined, so it must hold up to these standards to be accepted. The glasses will be resold in the store, so they have to be in their best condition to be accepted by Oakley.

If they arrive damaged or obviously used, Oakley will not be able to provide you with a full refund. It also will not be held responsible for sending the eyewear back to you if you cannot be refunded.

Oakley is also not responsible if the return is damaged or lost in the mail. So you will be taking a risk by sending an item back as something could possibly happen to it to prevent you from getting a refund.

All of these restrictions apply because Oakley intends on reselling all returned glasses. So they have to be in perfect condition to be sold to another customer.

What Is the Return Policy at Oakley?

If you need to make a return to Oakley, it has made this princess very easy to understand. This makes it very simple to send back eyewear if it is not quite what you expected when you first order it.

This is very important for an eyewear company as you are taking a risk when you order these kinds of items online. Many times, eyewear isn’t what you thought it was when it arrives, resulting in you needing to return it.

Thankfully, Oakley allows for full refunds, as long as you have a receipt and the eyewear follows the return guidelines. They will need to be in new condition, and the receipt must be included in the packaging of the return.

Allow for at least 10 business days before you see your refund put into your original payment method.

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