How Do I Confirm a Scheduled Lyft Ride?

How Do I Confirm a Scheduled Lyft Ride?
If you have tried Lyft’s option to schedule a ride, you may be wondering how you can confirm that your ride is ready to go.

This can be a confusing step as it is not always made clear just hope you can go about doing this.

Especially if you are new to using Lyft, the whole thing can seem confusing and difficult to work with. To find out how to confirm a scheduled Lyft ride, keep reading for more information.

About Lyft

Lyft is a transportation company that offers ride sharing services to their customers. Lyft is a newer company in comparison to Uber.

  • It was launched in 2012.
  • It operates in almost 100 cities in the US.
  • Lyft utilizes both cars and bikes in order to provide its customers with the services.

If a customer wants to use Lyft, they can just open the mobile app and request for a ride. Lyft drivers can be seen on the map waiting for customers. The service is cheaper and more affordable when compared to their competitors.


Lyft Scheduled Ride Confirmation

To confirm a scheduled Lyft ride, you will want to go to the upper right side of your screen and tap on the icon there. This icon will show you the details of the ride or take you to a page where you can see them.

You should be able to hit confirm to finalize your scheduled ride so that you know it is ready. Keep in mind that this might look different depending on the device you are using.

Phones, IPads, and computers might show different methods as they are set up differently.

This allows you to confirm that you are happy with your scheduled Lyft ride and want it to continue so that you are picked up at that time. This is important, otherwise, your ride will be left as pending.

Driver May Still Show Up

Even if you do not confirm your Lyft ride, there is still a chance that your driver may still show up. As it is not entirely uncommon for customers to forget to confirm their scheduled ride.

Either way, it is best to go ahead and confirm it just to be on the safe side. Esp[ecially if you need the ride to go somewhere important or need to meet a deadline.

Lyft Scheduled Rides Reliability

The reality about Lyft’s scheduled rides is that they aren’t necessarily what you might think. While your desired ride is put into Lyft, it is not actually scheduled with a driver.

This is because Lyft does not work in advance like this and will not give drivers rides ahead of time, especially not days in advance. Rather, Lyft will send your request to drivers around the time of your desired pickup.

  • This means that you could get a late Lyft driver or not get one at all, if none are available.
  • It seems reliable, but in reality, it is not, as your scheduled ride is not actually scheduled at all.

This can be very frustrating to passengers who thought they had their ride scheduled way in advance. Especially if something goes wrong and they can’t be picked up on time.

This is a bit deceptive on Lyft’s part as it showcases this option as a way to schedule your desired ride well in advance. When in reality, you have as good a chance of getting a ride as anyone that hops on the app.

Scheduled Lyft Rides Confirmed

If you want to confirm your scheduled Lyft ride, you can do so by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner. Or you can click on the Schedule option to be taken to your scheduled rides.

  • You should see your scheduled ride as pending and have the option to confirm it.
  • This will confirm your ride and make sure that Lyft recognizes that it is scheduled.
  • Even if you fail to do this, there is still a very good chance that a driver will still show up on time.

That is mostly because you are not required to confirm a scheduled ride, and a driver will usually still show up.

Though it doesn’t hurt to confirm it just to be on the safe side and know that your ride is scheduled for sure.

Lyft Driver Is Late

If your driver is late and you are at the pickup location, wait 5-10 minutes. Sometimes they may need a few extra minutes to arrive to their destination.

What If I Am Late?

It is also important to mention that your driver will always wait for you if you are late. The Lyft driver will always wait for up to 10 minutes. If he/she does not hear from you within 10 minutes, he/she will cancel the ride and refund the amount to you.


It is important to keep in mind that just because a ride is scheduled does not guarantee that it will work out.

Lyft doesn’t actually schedule a driver to pick you up according to your schedule.

All Lyft does is send out your ride request to drivers once your scheduled ride is close by. This means that you could either get a driver late or not get one at all, depending on how many are available.

This can be very frustrating to passengers who think they have a scheduled driver ready to get them and take them to where they need to go.

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