DoorDash Small Order Fee

DoorDash Small Order Fee

Did you know that DoorDash charges a small order fee? Probably not. DoorDash’s small order fee is something that many new customers are not familiar with.

 Even some long-term customers still do not know that there is a small order fee. This fee, as the name implies, is charged when a customer places a small order. 

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What Is Considered a Small Order?

Small order is an order that doesn’t include many items and doesn’t cost that much. Your order total is small. Now, this obviously doesn’t tell you much about a small order but that’s exactly what a small order can be described as. 

A better way to describe a small order is an order placed by a customer that does not reach the minimum order amount. If the order does not reach the amount threshold that it should then it is considered a small order. 

The small order may have only a few items in it. There may be coke and an order of fries. This is an unusual order because most times people order more than that. 

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You would think that since the order is up for delivery the order itself would include more items. However, this is not always the case with orders that are placed with DoorDash. Sometimes people want delivery but they don’t have a lot to order. 

This can result in a small order. A small order can be a number of different things. It may include only drinks or it may include a few food items that don’t cost much. 

Is There a Minimum Order for DoorDash?

Yes, there is a minimum order for DoorDash. There is no specific DoorDash minimum for orders. However, DoorDash has an order minimum for every place where DoorDash is available. 

Depending on where you live, your DoorDash minimum order amount may be different. If you live in California, your order total could be $42 and you have not reached the order minimum. However, if you live in Arkansas your order could be $42 and that order does reach the minimum order amount. 

The minimum order for DoorDash varies and can change from city to city. You never know what the minimum order amount will be. When placing an order you should check and make sure you know the minimum order amount for the city that you are in. 

This can be somewhat difficult to keep up with if you travel or move around a lot. You may have been in one state that had a certain order minimum and now you are in another place and that order minimum is different. It’s up to you to keep up with these minimum order changes. 

Why Does Small Order Fee Exist? 

The small order fee is usually $2 for a smaller sized order. This fee exists because DoorDash has to make up for orders that don’t meet the minimum order amount. Just think how it is kind of a waste of gas to drive across town or to the opposite side of town and deliver a fry and a coke. 

DoorDash has to get their money. Even though gig workers are the ones delivering the orders, it still seems that DoorDash takes it personally when someone places a small order. A small order may cost under the amount that is required so it is considered a small order. 

Other than that, it really makes no sense for DoorDash to have a small order fee. It seems like a way for DoorDash to make more money that they can pocket. DoorDash seems to have a fee for every little thing. 

How Do I Skip the Small Order Fee?

So many people have complained about all of the fees that DoorDash takes out. The fees seem small and minimal at first but they quickly add up and make your order total too high. No one wants to pay for a meal that is too high because of fees. 

One of those many fees that DoorDash charges are a small order fee. No one can really say where the small order fee comes from or why it exists in the first place. But one thing for sure is that the small order fee can be a headache and you likely want to know how to dodge it. 

You can avoid the small order fee by ordering more. The more you order, the higher your order will be. So make sure you are well aware of the minimum order amount so you can be sure to hit the mark every time you place an order. 

When you know the amount, you can make sure you are ordering enough each time. This is the only way that you can skip the small order fee is by ordering enough food for each order.

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