How Many Miles Does U Haul Give You?

If you are thinking about renting a U Haul but have never rented one before, you may be wondering how many miles U Haul gives you. You’ve probably heard that you are charged by the mileage and therefore have a limited number of miles to drive the U Haul.

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How Many Miles Do You Get With U Haul?

You basically have an unlimited number of miles with U Haul. You are charged a rate per mile and you can drive as far as you need to as long as it is not a restricted area where no U Haul locations are around like Mexico.

Can You Run Out of Miles on a U Haul?

No, you actually cannot run out of miles on a U Haul. You are obviously renting a vehicle so it can go very far. Of course you will have to put gas in it to keep it going but overall, you cannot run out of miles on a U Haul.

You can run out of gas if you don’t keep it filled up, but not miles. With a rental truck from U Haul, they do not assign you a certain amount of miles you are allowed to travel. While there are some restrictions, mileage is not an issue.

You aren’t allowed to drive a U Haul to Mexico but you can drive the distance of Mexico if you wanted to. You are charged a rate per mile and this means that when you are traveling in a U Haul, you can drive as many miles as you can afford basically.

If you are on a tight budget, I would pay close attention to the number of miles you’re driving and try to cut back on how many runs you make. That means you may have to actually fill up the U Haul to capacity each time you make a stop.

What to Do If You Run Out of Miles?

How Many Miles Does U Haul Give You

You can’t run out of miles but if you are on a budget and you know the mileage is going to add up to more than you can afford then maybe you shouldn’t have rented a U Haul or you should have come up with another game plan.

If you have said you only want to travel 300 miles because you did the math and it is within your budget then you should make the best of each and every mile that you drive.

You will not run out of miles, only gas if you don’t keep it gassed up. So there is no need to worry about running out of miles. U Haul will not put a limit on the amount of miles you can drive in the U Haul rental truck.

Can You Get More Miles Once You Run Out?

Like mentioned before, you won’t ever run out of miles. U Haul rental trucks are meant to be driven long periods of time and far distances. It would make absolutely no sense for U Haul to restrict the amount of miles you can drive in their truck.

Do You Have to Pay Extra for More Miles?

If you drive over the base rate of miles, you will have to pay extra to drive more miles. You are charged a rate per mile and this is the rate that will be applied to every mile that you drive. However, you don’t have to pay more than the base rate.

For example, let’s just say you are charged .10 for each mile and you drive 50 miles. You will be charged .10 times 50. Let’s also say that you drive an extra 300 miles.

You won’t and can’t be charged .15 for these extra 300 miles. The rate per mile that you were charged with the first 50 miles is the same amount of miles that you will be charged after the extra 300 miles.

What If You Cannot Afford to Pay the Mileage?

If you are on a budget and cannot afford a lot of mileage you probably should stay within your budgeted miles. Or you may want to go with an alternative altogether. U Haul may not be the right rental place for you.

You could borrow a friend’s vehicle and this would be a lot better than renting from U Haul if you are on a tight budget. The mileage can really add up based on how much or how far you are traveling. If you are staying just within town, things may not be so bad.

However, if you are traveling out of state and don’t really have the money to afford it, you should look into some alternatives. I doubt it but maybe you can find a rental truck service that doesn’t charge a rate per mile and maybe just a simple base rate. Most rental truck services do charge a base rate and a rate per mile.

If you cannot afford to pay the mileage, just try another alternative like borrowing someone else’s vehicle or stay within the budgeted miles.

How Many Miles Will U Haul Give You

How Many Miles Will U Haul Give You?

U Haul doesn’t actually give you miles. They charge you a rate per mile and they do the math once you turn the rental truck back into U Haul. If you’ve driven a lot or a little amount of miles, you will be charged accordingly.

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