Does Wendy’s Have Onion Rings?

If you want to go to Wendy’s but are craving some onion rings, you may be wondering if Wendy’s has any onion rings that you can order as a side. This is a good question to ask before actually going to a Wendy’s.

This is a very common question as people love onion rings, and there has always been a rumor that Wendy’s had some. To find out whether or not this is true and if Wendy’s really does sell onion rings as a side, keep reading.

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Can I Order Onion Rings at Wendy’s?

Wendy’s does have something similar to onion rings, but they come with most Wendy’s burgers and are not sold as a side. They are called onion tanglers, which is where many people begin to get confused as to what they are.

These onion tanglers are not offered on the menu as a side item because they are not necessarily onion rings. They are made slightly different and do not taste exactly the same.

These are made to be eaten as a topper for many of Wendy’s larger burgers to add texture and flavor. This is why they are not included as a side despite their popularity and demand.

Though many Wendy’s will sell these as a side if you specifically request to have the onion tanglers as an added side to your order. There is a button for this that the WEndy’s employee can push to add this to your receipt.

If you ask for a side of onion rings, you will just be told that Wendy’s doesn’t sell onion rings because it technically doesn’t. And there is no button for them to push for onion rings to add it to your receipt.

What Kinds of Sides Does Wendy’s Have?

Wendy’s is known for its vast array of side dishes that you can add to your meal. This makes it the perfect place to stop if you are in the mood for all kinds of different foods.

Does Wendy’s Have Onion Rings

These sides include a variety of fries from normal fries to specialty fries like cheese fries and chili cheese fries. It also has different baked potatoes that you can get, such as a plain baked potato, sour cream, and chive potato, and bacon cheese baked potato.

Wendy’s also offers chili and apple bites as two other kinds of sides that don’t include fries or baked potatoes. This gives you a variety of flavorful and hearty sides to choose from.

Wendy’s stands apart from other fast-food restaurants as it offers heartier food options that are more filling and more nutritious. These sides alone would create a good meal that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Many fast-food restaurants do not offer such good options and often leave much to be desired. Wendy’s has a unique menu that stands apart from the competition and gives its customers better options overall.

This is why Wendy’s is such a popular fast food restaurant and has stood the test of time even as newer fast-food chains have opened.

Are Wendy’s Onion Rings Any Good?

The onion rings at Wendy’s are something that many people enjoy, which is why many try to order them as a side. This is a very popular side for burgers that many people wish they could order from the menu individually.

Though these are quite different from the regular onion rings, these still have that great taste and texture. Though thinner and not as battered, they are crispy and flavorful, the perfect side to any Wendy’s meal.

Many people confuse these for an actual side as they taste and look similar to onion rings. Leading many to think that Wendy’s must have a side of onion rings that you can buy.

Just this demand alone shows that these are definitely a side worth trying at Wendy’s. They are in high demand, and many purchase specific burgers just to have them come as a side with their meal.

They are the perfect salty and slightly sweet side to add flavor and texture to your meal.

Does Wendy’s Sell Onion Rings?

Wendy’s does sell onion rings in a way, though they are not usually called onion rings. These are called onion tanglers and are similar to an onion ring, except they are thinner and are battered less.

Does Wendy's Sell Onion Rings

These onion rings are flavorful and packed with mouthwatering texture and the p[erfect combination of sweet and salty. They come as a side for many of Wendy’s larger burgers as a kind of topper for the burger itself.

These add texture to the burger as well as their delicious onion flavor.

These onion tanglers are not sold as an individual side as they are really meant to be more of a garnish. Though you can order them on their own, if you know how to do it the right way.

You cannot ask for a side of onion rings as they are not called that, you will have to ask for onion tanglers. This is how you can order these as a side even if you are not ordering one of the large burgers.

Along with these onion tanglers, you can get more sides from Wendy’s assortment of delicious and filling side dishes. Many of these include varieties of fries, baked potatoes, as well as choli or apple slices.

Wendy’s has a great side menu that can allow you to pick and choose what you want to give your meal a boost. This is a great way of creating a heartier and more filling meal at Wendy’s.

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