How Much Does DoorDash Cost?

You are thinking about ordering from DoorDash but you just aren’t sure if it is a good idea. So you want to know how much DoorDash costs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Order DoorDash?

How much it costs to order DoorDash can vary greatly. It depends on your order amount and a few other things. One thing that doesn’t change is that you will have a delivery fee and a service fee.

Is DoorDash Expensive?

Yes, DoorDash is very expensive for a food delivery service. They charge all kinds of fees that are very much unnecessary. Some fees are necessary but doesn’t stop DoorDash from being much too high.

The service they provide does not amount to the cost of their services. Not only do you have to pay for your order but you also have to pay all the fees associated with that order. DoorDash fees are outrageous and the fees seem to grow the more you order.

You would think there would be some sort of discount the more you order so for bigger orders but that is not always the case. DoorDash is expensive for no good reason. They are a rip off.

Some people order from DoorDash thinking that the price is going to be reasonable when in reality it is expensive. As long as I remember, DoorDash has always been expensive. The only difference is that their service is a lot worse than it was.

I will pay more for good service any day. But you can’t justify these prices with the basic level of service DoorDash customers receive on a regular basis.

How to Avoid Delivery Fees?

How Much Does DoorDash Cost_

The only way to avoid delivery fees is if you are a new customer. When you sign up with a new DoorDash account they will give you one order free meaning you don’t have to pay the delivery fee. Is there a catch to this?

You bet it is. Your first order has to be over a certain dollar amount before you can get the free delivery. That is really the only way you can actually avoid the delivery fees.

If there are other ways to avoid delivery fees I know nothing about it. Their delivery fees are very hard to get rid of. DoorDash has set these fees in place as a way to make money off of each order.

So to try and get around those fees is hard. But like I mentioned, they will give you a free delivery as an incentive for being a new member.

One other way you can avoid those delivery fees is by doing a pick-up order. DoorDash will then waive the delivery fees if you choose to pick up your order.

Why Is DoorDash So Expensive?

No one really knows exactly why DoorDash is so expensive or even why they charge so much. DoorDash is expensive, we know that much. Now, why are they so expensive?

One reason is greed. Yes, I said it. DoorDash is greedy.

They want to make as much money as possible but don’t want to put forth the work. DoorDash takes advantage of people in difficult situations like not having a car to go pick up their food or something of the sort. So they charge these outrageous delivery fees just to bring the food to the person.

DoorDash is expensive because they want to be and mainly because it benefits them greatly. Charging people an arm and a leg to deliver food is beneficial for DoorDash and DoorDash only. People who are hungry and in need of food sometimes don’t think straight and they will pay these outrageous charges.

The fact that no one is fighting or battling back on these charges makes DoorDash more inclined to do what they have been doing and that is charging a whole lot of money for their services. DoorDash is so expensive because no one is trying to stop them or lower their prices.

Is There an Order Minimum?

It depends. If you are trying to get free delivery there is an order minimum. It may be about $30-$40 per order. To order on DoorDash the order minimum may be similar.

DoorDash is not going to see the point in delivering a $10 order because they aren’t going to make much from that order. So yes, there are order minimums to order from DoorDash. What that minimum is depends and varies based on what you order.

Does DoorDash Offer Discounts?

How Much Does DoorDash Cost__

Yes, DoorDash will offer discounts as an incentive. This is how they lure you in and get you to order with them. They offer you different discounts but you’ll learn that those discounts aren’t worth the headache.

Your discount could be a percentage off your order or a dollar amount off. It depends on what DoorDash wants to do and what kind of specials they are running.

Is DoorDash Cost Worth It?

I could go on and on about this topic. DoorDash cost is definitely not worth it. DoorDash charges too much and I will tell anyone that.

When you deal with DoorDash and all of the ups and downs of dealing with them, you will find that the price you pay is not worth it. DoorDash in itself is not worth it. So of course the price isn’t worth it.

DoorDash should definitely come down on their fees. The fees they are charging makes your cost that much higher. And it doesn’t help to have a huge order.

The more you order the more you will be paying in fees. If your order is $100, you will be paying more because those fees simply increase with the higher the order is rather than go down.

Cheap DoorDash Alternatives

UberEats has their share of problems but I’m sure their fees are cheaper than DoorDashs’. And even if their prices aren’t much better, I can guarantee you the service is better.

Do Fees Change Based On Order Amounts?

As I kind of touched on earlier, the fees that DoorDash charges do change based on order amounts. The fees on smaller orders tend to be smaller and the orders that are larger tend to be more on the high side. So fees definitely do change based on order amounts.

Why fees change based on order amounts makes sense but why you don’t save more money the more you spend is beyond me. It is all a little crazy because you would think the price goes down the more you order.

However, that is not the case. The price actually goes up which is great for DoorDash but not for the customer. They do not have the customer’s best interest in mind.

It is all about the company and never about the customer because they are a selfish company. DoorDash doesn’t worry about benefiting no one but themselves and that is sad.

How Much Does DoorDash Cost

What Does DoorDash Orders Cost?

You could be paying anywhere from $1-$6 for the delivery fee alone. Then there is the service fee which is charged by DoorDash. That fee includes your sales tax and it can be about $2-$10 depending on the cost of your order.

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