U-Haul Hiring Process

If you are looking into applying to work for U-Haul, you may be wondering what the hiring process looks like. Whether or not it is a fast hiring process or easy for applicants to get through.

If you are wanting to apply to work for U-Haul, this article will tell you everything that you need to know. So keep reading to find out more about U-Haul’s hiring process.

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What is The U-Haul Hiring Process?

The hiring process for U-Haul involves applying online, which often results in a phone call from U-Haul. Then you will get set up to have a face-to-face interview, then a background check will be started, and you will need to do a drug test.

Your driving record will also be checked out if driving will be a part of your job. This is important as U-Haul only wants to hire responsible and skilled drivers to work for it.

After your background check, driving record, and drug test have all been looked through, you will either be hired or declined. U-Haul has a good reputation for hiring, so you usually have a very good chance of getting the job.

Once you have been hired, you get to go to one of the U-Haul locations to take classes on what you will be doing. You usually will have to take a test as well to be qualified to actually start working.

The entire process of being hired by U-Haul is very simple and straightforward. It typically only takes a few days, and you can start to work within a week.

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Does U-Haul Hire Fast?

U-Haul has a great reputation for being very fast and snappy when it comes to getting started on the hiring process. Many applicants will get a call almost immediately after applying online to work for U-Haul.

From there, it usually tries to set up face-to-face interviews fairly quickly to get the process started. Usually, the whole process from start to finish is completed in a week as long as nothing takes longer than expected.

If your background check or driving record is extensive, this could slow down the process by a few days. U-Haul will need to sort through all of this information, which could take a while.

Otherwise, the process is usually very fast as U-Haul likes to hire new employees as quickly as possible.

Does U-Haul Hire Those With a Criminal Record?

U-Haul Hiring Process

U-Haul has a history of hiring even those who have a criminal record. It has hired many felons and obviously will not automatically disqualify anyone with a record.

It mostly does a background check because it needs to know who it is hiring. Though it does not address what will disqualify you, it probably looks for certain criminal details.

As far as employers go, U-Haul is a very laid-back employer to work for. It will not automatically reject any applicants with a criminal background unless it sees a good reason to.

So anyone can try to apply to work for U-Haul and have an equal chance of being hired.

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What is U-Haul’s Hiring Process Like?

U-Haul has a fairly simple hiring process that is also very quick to help you get hired fast. You will start by applying on its online application forum. From here, you will get a call to set up a face-to-face interview.

The interview is usually pretty simple and straightforward with the regular interview type of questions. After the interview, you will need to do a quick drug test via a urine sample to be tested.

Then U-Haul will begin your background check and driving record evaluation. These things should only take a few days unless the background check ends up being extensive.

After all of that, you will either be hired or rejected. If you are hired, you will be sent to one of U-Haul’s locations to do training and take a performance test. How you do on this test will dictate how quickly you can actually begin to work.

This is a very simple hiring process that is usually completed within a week. You will only experience delays if U-Haul is crowded with new applicants or has experienced an issue with your background check.

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