How Much To Tip DoorDash?

How Much To Tip DoorDash?

If you are ordering from DoorDash and you’ve never ordered before or even left a tip for that matter, you may be wondering how much is enough to tip DoorDash. DoorDash does want you to leave a tip but they don’t really say how much that tip should be.

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What Amount Should I Tip DoorDash?

For an average delivery, you should consider 15% of the order total your base tip. However, the amount you tip should be based on how quick your order was delivered as well as the attitude and demeanor of your dasher.

For example, if you accept an order that is 42.50, 15% of that order would be about $6 which is not a whole lot and would be easy for you to tip. As a dasher, every little bit counts with them. They are thankful for what they can get as a tip.

Do I Have to Tip DoorDash?

No, you do not have to tip DoorDash but it is a good thing if you do. If you’ve ever worked as a gig worker or even a waiter or waitress, then you know just how important it is to tip your DoorDash driver. Some people live off of tips and while this is not your problem you should still be willing to give some sort of tip.

When you order and only have enough to pay for your food, you probably won’t be able to leave a tip. Even if you just leave a few dollars it will be helpful and I’m sure your DoorDasher will truly appreciate it.

Yes, you can still place an order without ever tipping but that is wrong on so many levels. It is like an unspoken rule that you should tip those who help you whether it is at a restaurant or through DoorDash.

Some restaurants force you to leave a tip when you dine with them but DoorDash doesn’t do that.DoorDash expects people to have enough decency to tip their delivery driver. And if your driver is especially nice you can leave them a bigger tip. You can tip however much you’d like but 15-20% of the order total is just a good rule of thumb to go by.

Who Gets the DoorDash Tip?

The DoorDash driver gets the DoorDash tip that you leave in the app. It used to be that DoorDash was pocketing those tips that you leave in the app and paying the drivers those tips in place of their original pay. This was a deceptive tipping model and DoorDash was actually sued for taking driver’s tips.

So after having to pay $2.5 million, you can imagine that DoorDash is going to fly right and not be taking anyone’s tips anymore. Rest assured that DoorDash is no longer pocketing tips but they give these tips to the DoorDash driver as part of their pay. When you give a tip you are tipping your driver not DoorDash itself.

Should I Tip DoorDash More?

You don’t have to tip DoorDash more but because the tips go to the driver if you want to give them an extra tip you can do so. And you don’t have to only tip in the DoorDash app but you can give your driver a cash tip when they arrive with your food. There is no law or rule with DoorDash that says you can’t give your driver an extra tip.

You do not have to tip or give extra when your order has been tampered with, you are harassed by the driver for more of a tip, or your food never arrives. You don’t want to reward bad behavior and so I would not leave a tip if the person does not arrive on time with your order or if they have a negative attitude.

Definitely tip more if your DoorDash driver is friendly and nice and has a great attitude. That’s hard to come by these days and so you should cherish that kind of DoorDash driver because a lot of drivers act like they hate their jobs and they’ll display this attitude with the customers on their delivery.

How Much Do I Tip DoorDash?

You should start out giving 15% as your base tip based on the order total. If the dasher is friendly, kind, and delivers your order on time you should try increasing the tip to 20% of the order total. This is to show that you appreciate their kind attitude.

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