How Does DoorDash Assign Orders?

How Does DoorDash Assign Orders?

Many DoorDash delivery drivers have wondered how exactly DoorDash assigns orders. The priority system has appeared confusing to many drivers.

We’ve waded through the speculation and available information to determine the answer to this question.

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How Does DoorDash Assign Orders to Drivers?

The main preference that DoorDash gives for assigning orders are for its Top Dasher program and its other specialty programs, Large Order program, and  DoorDash Drive. Other than that, DoorDash gives drivers in the area, one at a time, an opportunity to accept or decline an order.

How Do I Maximize How Many Orders Are Assigned to Me?

The first step in getting an order assigned to you is for DoorDash to offer the order to you. Although there is a lot of speculation about DoorDash’s algorithms, DoorDash is very open about a few programs for which they state that they do prioritize offering orders to qualifying drivers.

These programs currently include DoorDash’s Top Dasher program, Large Order program, and DoorDash Drive.

DoorDash’s Top Dasher Program

One of the main, and most well-known, programs that DoorDash offers is their Top Dash program.

Being a Top Dasher contributes significantly to getting more opportunities for orders. DoorDash’s website even specifically states that if two DoorDash drivers are equally available for a delivery, DoorDash will offer it to the Top Dasher first.

Additionally, Top Dashers have the opportunity to Dash Now anytime and even in areas that are gray on the heat map. (Although it probably makes more sense to Dash Now in red areas, but this does give the Top Dasher more options.)

How Do I Qualify for the Top Dasher Program?

Qualification for the Top Dasher program is determined once a month at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month. To qualify, a DoorDash driver needs to have an acceptance rate of at least 70%, completion rate of 95% or higher, customer ratings of 4.7 or more, and 200 or more lifetime deliveries as well as 100 or more deliveries in the last month.

It is definitely in a DoorDash driver’s best interest to keep the qualification requirements for the Top Dasher program in mind when deciding whether to accept or decline an order. The more often you can qualify for the Top Dasher program, the more orders you will be offered.

If you haven’t qualified yet, don’t worry. You are able to requalify for the Top Dasher program every month.

What Other DoorDash Programs Exist?

In addition to the Top Dasher program described above, DoorDash also offers the Large Order program and DoorDash Drive. Both of these programs provide extra opportunities for DoorDash drivers to accept large orders, which non-qualifying drivers would not be presented with, or at least not nearly as often.

In addition to the increased quantity of orders, these particular orders have the extra benefit of typically having much higher tips due to the higher overall cost of the order, as well as the extra care that is required to handle these orders.

How Do I Qualify for DoorDash Drive or DoorDash’s Large Order Program?

To qualify for the Large Order program, a DoorDash driver will have to meet the same qualification requirements as the Top Dasher program, with one addition. For the Large Order program, the DoorDash driver must also confirm that he or she has a standard catering bag.

DoorDash Drive seems to have the same requirements as the Large Order Program, as well. The DoorDash Drive program is by invitation only, however, and has the added benefit of the driver being able to accept and schedule specific orders in advance.

DoorDash Drive does have a limited number of people accepted into the program. If you believe you meet the requirements for it, but have not been invited to participate, you can try signing up for DoorDash’s waitlist to join when room becomes available.

What Else Can I Do to Increase the Orders Assigned to Me?

Whether or not you’re in the Top Dasher program, Large Order program, or DoorDash Drive, you can still take steps to ensure you are getting offered as many orders as possible.

First, make sure you are active as a DoorDash driver and logged into the app.

Also, as much as possible, try to schedule your availability on the app. Keep in mind, it is advantageous to schedule yourself during the peak lunch hours of 11:00 – 2:00 and the peak dinner hours of 4:30 – 8:00. Some dashers have recommended including time a bit outside of these windows, as well.

Lastly, try to be as close as possible to busy spots, as noted by the dark red areas on the Dash Now map or by the presence of the flame icon. This should help you get pinged for the delivery, while also decreasing the amount of time it takes to get the delivery.

You can also click on Dash Now to see if there is an order ready to pick up quickly.

Finally, provide excellent service while accepting and completing as many orders as possible. This will help you qualify for Top Dasher, Large Order Program, and DoorDash Drive, so that more orders are offered to you.

How Do I Get Higher-Paying Orders Assigned to Me?

Again, qualifying for DoorDash’s special programs (Top Dasher, the Large Order Program, and DoorDash Drive) will naturally provide more opportunities for higher-paying orders.

Another technique to getting more high-paying orders might be to wait in areas that have more expensive restaurants. The bills, as well as hopefully the gratuity budgets of the customers, will tend to be significantly higher.

One more technique is to look out for certain specialty restaurants in your area that tend to have an especially generous or enthusiastic clientele who might be more likely to share that generosity and enthusiasm with their DoorDash driver.

DoorDash drivers do also have the option of declining orders. Many DoorDash drivers do decline lower paying orders in hopes of getting a higher-paying one instead.

If you opt to decline lower-paying orders, it’s important to consider how it will affect your qualification for Top Dasher or other specialty programs. As long as you are still accepting 70% or more of the orders offered to you, this can be an effective way to increase your average pay per order.

How Does DoorDash Allocate Orders to Drivers?

Mainly, DoorDash is open about giving preference for orders to drivers who qualify for their Top Dasher program and other specialty programs, DoorDash Drive and the Large Order program. Other than that, DoorDash gives drivers in the area a chance to either accept or decline an order.

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