How to Add Walgreens Card to Apple Wallet?

Apple Wallet makes paying for things a lot more convenient. But if you have a Walgreens card, you may wonder if you can add that to your digital wallet.

Whether you just use Walgreens for your prescriptions or you shop there for more things, it helps to know how to add your loyalty card. Here’s what you should know.

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How Do You Add a Walgreens Card to Your Apple Wallet?

You’ll need to download the Walgreens app and log into your account there. View your Walgreens Balance Rewards Card. Tap on “Add to Apple Wallet” to use your Walgreens card using Apple Pay.

If you don’t have access to your Walgreens account, you’ll need to reset your password. Or you can set up a new account.

Steps to Add a Walgreens Card to Apple Pay

If you want to add your Walgreens card to your Apple Wallet, you’ll need to download the Walgreens app. It’s free to download, and you can stay on top of prescription refills and other details. Then, you’ll take the following steps to add your card to Apple Pay:

  1. Log into your Walgreens account in the app
  2. Look for your Walgreens Balance Rewards Card
  3. Click “Add to Apple Wallet”

How to Add Walgreens Card to Apple Wallet

At this point, you can choose a couple of settings. First, you can add the card with or without a store location. You’ll also be able to automatically select your Walgreens card as your payment method when you’re at a Walgreens store.

Should You Add a Walgreens Location?

You may want to specify a Walgreens location for your card if you always go to the same store. This is nice if you tend to just pick up your prescriptions or if you live significantly closer to one Walgreens than another.

However, if you travel frequently or live near multiple Walgreens stores, you might not want to add a location with the card. That way, you’ll have no problem using your rewards card no matter which store you shop at.

You can visit your home store or go to another location. So if you live near one Walgreens but work near another, you can use your card at both places.

How to Use Apple Pay at Walgreens

Like any store that accepts digital payments, using Apple Pay at Walgreens is easy. Once you set up your digital wallet, you can purchase things easily.

Here are a couple of more specific ways to use the Apple Wallet app at your local Walgreens.

Make Purchases

Of course, you can buy anything that Walgreens sells using Apple Pay. You’ll need to hold your phone near the register, and the register has to accept digital payments.

This is a good option if you need to pick up a prescription or buy something over-the-counter. You can also use Apple Pay if you want to buy something on the Walgreens website.

Redeem Rewards

Apple Pay also makes it easy to redeem your rewards at Walgreens. You can add your rewards card to your wallet, but you can add individual deals each time they appear in your Walgreens account.

Then, when you get to Walgreens, the rewards will be ready to redeem. You’ll just have to open your Apple Wallet and select the reward in question.

Why Add Your Walgreens Card to Apple Pay

If you prefer using a physical card, you might not want to add your Walgreens card to Apple Pay. But there are a few good reasons for using the digital version.

First, you don’t have to worry about bringing your card with you. This is nice if you want to switch to a smaller wallet or if you don’t want to carry a wallet at all.

It’s also useful if you have to make an unplanned stop at Walgreens. You may have left your card at home, but as long as you have your phone, that won’t be a problem.

How Do You Add a Walgreens Card to Apple Pay?

To add a Walgreens card to Apple Pay, you need the Walgreens app. Log into your account and find the rewards card in there. Then, you can click “Add to Apple Wallet” to start using the digital card at the pharmacy, the rest of the store, and even online.

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