How to Cancel Esporta Membership?

Going to a gym can be a great way to get fit, but it’s not for everyone. If you realize that you don’t want to go to Esporta anymore, you should cancel your membership.

But like any other membership service, canceling may not be as easy as it should. Consider the steps to take when you’re done with Esporta.

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Canceling An Esporta Membership

To cancel an Esporta membership, log into your account and find the Account Information tab. Click there, and click on Cancellation Form. Print off the form, fill it out, and mail it to the address you find on the form.

Another option is to send a written notice to the Esporta P.O. Box in Irvine, California. Once the company receives your form or notice, they can cancel your membership.

Steps to Cancel an Esporta Membership

To cancel your Esporta membership, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Find and click on the Account Information tab.
  3. Click on the Cancellation Form.
  4. Print it out and fill in all of the fields.
  5. Mail the form to the address the form includes.

How to Cancel Esporta Membership

Another option is to write your own notice. If you do that, you’ll need to mail it to the following address:

PO Box 51355, Irvine CA 92619

After Esporta receives your form, they can process your request. Then, you should get a notification that they canceled your membership.

Special Considerations When Canceling Esporta

When you cancel your Esporta membership, you should consider a few things. Canceling is usually easy, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly no longer be a member.

Here’s what you should know when you cancel Esporta.

When Your Membership Ends

Esporta will cancel your membership, but it won’t end right away. The membership will continue through the end of the current billing cycle.

However, you’ll get another month of access. Esporta charged you the last month’s access when you signed up for your membership. So if you cancel the week after billing, you’ll get almost two months of access to the gym.

This can be nice because you don’t have to wait until the last minute to cancel. But you won’t get that monthly payment back even if you stop going as soon as you send in your cancellation form.

Postage Delays

Another thing to think about is when you send in your form or notice. It can take a few days for your letter to get to Irvine, California, especially if you live on the other side of the country.

This is particularly important if you send in your letter just before a billing cycle. Maybe your billing cycle hits next Monday, and you send the letter on a Wednesday. If the company doesn’t receive and process your cancellation by Monday, you’ll pay for an extra month.

That means you could have two full months’ worth of your membership left. Keep that in mind if you want to keep from paying for an extra month.

Your Membership Status

You should also consider your current membership status or type. If you have a paid-in-full membership, you may need to contact your local Esporta for assistance in canceling.

Also, you should contact your club if you’re still in the initial term of a personal training membership. Esporta doesn’t explain why you need to contact your club for help. But doing so may help you get a refund for the months you haven’t and won’t use.

Contacting your club regardless of your membership can also be nice. However, keep in mind that the employees may try to convince you not to cancel.

Reasons Why You Should Cancel

You can cancel your Esporta membership simply because you want to. But there are a few common reasons why you may not want to keep paying the gym.

Keep these in mind before you let your Esporta membership lap for another month. Then, you can save money and put the funds toward another gym or other bills.

You Don’t Use It

Of course, the best reason to cancel Esporta is if you never use the gym. You may have signed up thinking that you would go regularly.

If you signed up for the Basic plan, canceling may not seem like a big deal. The monthly fee isn’t that bad, and you might think you’ll go in the future.

However, if you keep thinking that for months, you can waste a lot of money. So as soon as you realize you aren’t getting your money’s worth, it’s time to cancel.

You Can’t Afford It

Maybe you invested in one of the Premier memberships, which are more expensive. Your budget can change, and you may no longer have the money for it.

Even if you got a Basic membership, it can still get expensive. You might have better uses for that money, such as groceries or bills.

As you do your monthly budget, consider if you can afford the gym. If not, cancel it and look for a free workout option at home.

You No Longer Live Near One

Esporta only has locations in a handful of states. Even if you live in a state with Esporta locations, you might not live close to one.

If you have to move, you don’t want to pay for something you can’t use. Make sure you cancel as soon as you realize you won’t get to go to Esporta.

That way, your membership will end sooner, and you can save money. Then, you can find a gym with locations in your new area.

This rule applies even if you go to Esporta regularly. You may be able to use their app, but there are better options for a gym that you can use.

When You’ve Had Enough

To cancel an Esporta membership, you’ll need to access your account online. Fill out and mail a cancellation form, or you can mail a notice if you can’t find the form.

Then, the company can process your cancellation, and you can find a new gym or work out at home.

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