How to Cancel Retro Fitness Membership?

Maybe you signed up for Retro Fitness a month ago or a year ago. But you haven’t used the perks and know it’s a waste of money.

If you don’t think you’ll go to Retro Fitness anytime soon, it’s best to cancel. Consider the following steps to help save money.

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How Do You Cancel Retro Fitness?

To cancel Retro Fitness, write or type a cancellation letter that states your address, name, and member number. Sign it and bring it to the club where you joined. Meet with the owner or manager to hand over the letter.

Unfortunately, you may need to pay a penalty depending on when you cancel. New Jersey residents have slightly different cancellation policies.

How to Cancel a Retro Fitness Membership

To cancel a Retro Fitness membership, you need to write a letter. You can do this on your computer or by hand, whichever makes sense. However, typing is better if you don’t have the best handwriting.

How to Cancel Retro Fitness Membership

Make sure to include your full name and your address in the letter. You should also write your member number to help Retro Fitness process the cancellation more easily.

Print out your letter if you typed it, and be sure to sign the letter. Then, you can take it to the Retro Fitness where you signed up. Find a manager or the owner, and hand the letter directly to them.

Retro Fitness Cancellation Policies

Sadly, Retro Fitness has some cancellation policies. You can’t just send in your cancellation letter and have payments or fees go away.

Retro Fitness Cancellation Policies

If you cancel during the first three days of your membership, you won’t face any penalties. That’s nice because it gives you the chance to try the club to see if you like it. If not, you can stop your membership easily.

However, from three days to a full year out, you’ll have to pay three months’ worth of membership fees. If you’re already in month 10, 11, or 12, you’ll owe the rest of the membership cost for the year. Fortunately, you can still use the gym for the applicable cancellation period.

If you’ve been a member for longer than a year, you’ll have to give a week’s notice. It takes them that long to process your cancellation, so don’t wait until the end of the month.

New Jersey Cancellation Policies

Members of New Jersey gyms have a few different cancellation policies. You can cancel a Flex or Unlimited membership with a week’s notice at any time.

However, if you have a Core membership, you’ll still owe the full year contract amount. Paid-in-Full memberships are also annual contracts, and you can’t get a refund on the months you don’t use.

If your membership started before the Risa ruling, it is null and void. These memberships are all now treated as month-to-month, so the week notice policy applies.

Can You Cancel Retro Fitness Over the Phone or Via Email?

Sadly, Retro Fitness requires that you go in person to the club you initially joined. It’s not clear why they don’t accept cancellations through email or over the phone.

They may want to verify that you’re the member to cancel. That way, they don’t get tons of people calling to cancel memberships for other people who do want to stay members.

Why Does Retro Fitness Only Accept In-Person Cancellations?

As mentioned, the gym may want to verify your identity to cancel your membership. However, they admit on their website that they don’t want to lose members.

They want to make the gym better for customers, so they may ask for your feedback. That’s not as easy to do if they accept an email or phone call to cancel.

And since you have to talk to someone in charge, they may have questions to ask you about your decision to cancel. Prepare to stand your ground and not give in if they try to get you not to cancel.

What If the Manager or Owner Isn’t Available?

You may go to Retro Fitness when the manager or owner isn’t free to talk. In that case, you should come back to the gym later.

While you may be able to leave the letter, Retro Fitness says you have to hand the letter to someone in charge. So ask someone at the front desk when the manager or owner will have time to talk, and you can come back at that point.

Another option is to wait until the manager is available. This is good if they’re meeting with an employee and will be free in a few minutes.

What If You Can’t Go to the Club Where You Joined?

You may not be able to go to your original Retro Fitness location. Maybe you moved to a new town, or you might have a busy work schedule and can’t take time off.

Fortunately, the gym will accept a letter if you send it through USPS Certified Mail. Be sure to include the current date in your letter to help Retro Fitness process your request.

You will have to pay a service fee, but you can make sure the letter gets to the owner or manager of the club where you signed up. Tracking is available, so you can watch it get to the gym.

What Are the Steps to Cancel a Retro Fitness Membership?

If you want to cancel a Retro Fitness membership, you need to write a letter with your full name and address as well as your member number. Take it to the club where you joined and hand it to the owner or manager. If that doesn’t work, send the letter through Certified Mail.

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