How to Become a Lyft Scooter Charger?

Lyft has recently started offering a scooter program in select cities similar to Bird and Lime scooters. However, their system is a bit different comparatively.

If you want to become a Lyft Scooter Charger, read on for everything you need to know.

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How to Sign Up to Become a Lyft Scooter Charger

You’ll need to apply on the official Lyft website to become a Lyft Scooter Charger. You can access this site by going to careers and then finding “Bikes & Scooters.” From there, you may need to give your personal information and resume. Be sure you meet all requirements before applying.

The Sign Up Process Explained

Lyft has recently started its own Scooter program in various cities across the United States. Their program is similar to Bird and Lime. However, it varies slightly. If you wish to become a Lyft scooter charger, you’ll need to send an official application. Here’s how to apply to become a Lyft Scooter Charger.

Step One: Visit the Careers Page

How Do I Sign Up as a Lyft Scooter Charger

First, you’ll need to visit the official Lyft Career Page. Scroll down until you find “Bikes & Scooters.” You’ll probably see multiple jobs, cities, and job descriptions. You’ll be looking for a “Field Associate” or “Overnight Field Associate.” Be sure to find your city, as well.

Step Two: Find “Field Associate” or “Overnight Field Associate”

Lyft Scooter Chargers are known as “Field Associates” within the company. As you can probably guess, overnight field associates work graveyard shifts and late into the mornings. In this position, Lyft states you will operate a commercial vehicle in order to pick up, deploy, and rebalance your scooters and bikes.

Step Three: Apply as Normal

Now that you’ve found a “Field Associate” or “Overnight Field Associate” position in your city, you can apply as usual. You’ll need to provide your name, location, resume, etc. Do your due diligence and read all the responsibilities before applying. Be sure your resume is up to date and meets their quality standards.

Where are Lyft Scooters Located?

You can find Lyft Scooters in five cities across the United States. Keep in mind that there may not be field associate positions available in every town. Availability will depend on the demand of the market and location. Here are the five cities where Lyft Scooters are located:

  • Denver, CO
  • Washington, DC
  • Minneapolis, MC
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Diego, Ca

Lyft Scooter Charger Responsibilities

As a Lyft Scooter Charger, your responsibilities may vary depending on your location and market. However, here is a summary of the duties given on the Lyft Field Associate application in Denver, CO.

You will be required to operate in the field by driving commercial vehicles in order to pick up, deploy, and rebalance Lyft Bikes and Scooters. You will be required to report to an Operations Lead and work in tandem to ensure everything is running smoothly. The position is a full-time schedule of 5 eight-hour shifts per week. Some more responsibilities include:

  • Follow instructions given by the operations shift lead
  • Drive a Sprinter van or an electric tike to perform deployment, repositioning, and recovery tasks
  • Use a dedicated smartphone and application to perform and complete tasks
  • Follow all road safety guidelines at all times
  • Complete physical tasks like moving bikes, scooters, unloading vans, and racking and charging equipment
  • Complete general housekeeping duties in the warehouse, including cleaning, organization, inspection, etc.
  • Perform basic vehicle maintenance tasks like repairing and cleaning

Experience Needed

Lyft doesn’t state whether they require a high school diploma, degree, or GED for their field associates position. However, here’s some essential experience that can get your foot in the door:

  • Previous experience driving commercial vehicles, such as a Sprinter Van
  • Capable of working in a complex, fast-moving, and changing environment
  • Warehouse, restaurant, distribution center, or delivery experience
  • Ability to work in teams and make decisions independently
  • Knowledge of the city and street layout
  • Valid unrestricted driver’s license
  • Ability to lift up to 70lb repeatedly throughout the day
  • Knowledge of standard technology like smartphones, Google, Slack, etc.
  • Safety-focused with solid attention to detail, self-motivated.

These are just some of the items listed on the Denver, CO application page. Your experience may vary on whether or not you qualify to become a Lyft Scooter Charger.

How to Become a Lyft Scooter Charger

How Do I Sign Up as a Lyft Scooter Charger?

To become a Lyft Scooter Charger, you’ll need to visit their official careers website. Scroll down until you see the “Bikes & Scooter” section. Look for a “Field Associate” position in your city. From there, you’ll need to apply like any other job, including your personal information, resume, etc.

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