What Size U-Haul Trailer Do I Need?

Have you ever wondered, “What size U-Haul trailer do I need?”

Moving house is exciting, but it can be a puzzle too.

One of the biggest questions that often comes up is about the size of the moving trailer.

Should you get a big one to ensure all your stuff fits, or is a smaller one more practical?

Choosing the right size can save you both time and money.

But here’s the tricky part – not all of your belongings are the same size or shape.

So how do you figure out which trailer is the right size for your move?

Here’s a revelation – the secret lies in understanding your needs and being smart about your choices.

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What Size U-Haul Trailer Do I Need?

Selecting the right size U-Haul trailer will make your moving process much easier. The correct trailer for your needs will depend on your vehicle towing capacity and how much furniture you’re moving. Let’s jump into the specifics to give you a better idea.

Choosing the Right Trailer Size and Type

Utilizing a rental trailer is an excellent DIY solution for moving your valuables. Trailers allow you to use your own vehicle to haul and transport goods. However, there are a few considerations you should make beforehand.

Vehicle Towing Capacity

Which Size Trailer Should I Rent

The most important factor to consider when selecting a rental trailer is the weight. If your trailer is too heavy, your vehicle won’t be able to haul any of your valuables. Every vehicle has a maximum towing capacity. You can find this number in the owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door.

You’ll need to factor in your hitch package’s capacity as well. In some instances, the hitch capacity will be different than your vehicles. In these cases, opt for the lowest weight between the two.

If you’re still unsure, you can use the official U-Haul location finder to locate a dealer near you. From there, you can speak with a team member to determine your vehicle towing capacity and which trailer is right for you.

Trailer Type

After you determine your vehicle’s towing capacity, you’ll need to decide on a trailer type. There are two main types of trailers available for hauling personal possessions: cargo and utility. You’ll want to opt for an auto trailer if you’re transporting vehicles.

Cargo Trailers

U-Haul Cargo Trailers come in a wide variety of sizes. These trailers are lightweight and can save you fuel while traveling. Cargo trailers are fully enclosed, allowing you to protect your belongings from weather and road debris. You can lock these trailers as well. Cargo trailers are excellent for short and long trips.

Utility Trailers

U-Haul Utility Trailers work well for moving large cargo and outdoor materials. These trailers differ from cargo trailers as they have an open-top. This open design allows you to easily move tall and odd-shaped pieces. However, your possessions are exposed to weather, road debris, and pests. You can’t lock utility trailers, and they aren’t suited for long-distance trips.

Auto Trailers

U-Haul Auto Trailers are meant for cars, ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles. These trailers are an excellent solution when you don’t want to drive your vehicle or have it shipped. Auto trailers work well for short and long-distance trips.

U-Haul Cargo Trailer Sizes

Cargo trailers work well for short and long-distance trips. These trailers are fully enclosed, meaning they protect your valuables from weather, pests, and thieves. Keep in mind that your rental trailer size might vary depending on the dealership.

What Fits in a 4×8 U-Haul Cargo Trailer

The 4×8 U-Haul Cargo Trailer is the smallest rental trailer they offer. This rental trailer has a 1,600lb load capacity and a total of 142 cubic feet. Compact and narrow furniture pieces work best in this trailer. Here are a few:

  • Standard loveseat (64″ x 37″ x 37″)
  • Standard twin size bed
  • Small three-seat sofa (35″ x 84″)

The 4×8 Cargo Trailer works well for moving small pieces of furniture, household items, kid’s beds, etc. This trailer also works well for moving college dorm pieces like small desks and nightstands.

What Fits in a 5×8 U-Haul Cargo Trailer

The 5×8 U-Haul Cargo Trailer is their most popular offering. This mid-size trailer has a max load capacity of 1,800lbs and a total of 208 cubic feet. You can fit quite a bit of furniture in the 5×8 trailer. Here are a few items to consider:

  • Queen-size bed
  • Square dining room tables
  • Multiple chairs and furniture pieces
  • Bookcases, desks, office furniture
  • Standard sofa or couch

The 5×8 Cargo Trailer is much larger than it seems. You could easily fit furniture from a few different rooms around your house. U-Haul claims this trailer size is a popular choice for small businesses, offices, or trade show exhibits.

What Fits in a 6×12 U-Haul Cargo Trailer

The 6×12 U-Haul Cargo Trailer is their largest offering. The 6×12 Cargo Trailer can hold up to 2,500lbs and has a total of 396 cubic feet. You can have some of the largest moving capacity if you pair this trailer with the 26′ moving truck. Here are a few items you can fit in this trailer:

  • L-shaped couches and sectionals
  • Pianos, pool tables, etc.
  • Multiple bedrooms
  • Business and office furniture
  • Motorcycles
  • Workout equipment

The 6×12 Cargo Trailer is an excellent choice for large moving operations, sectional couches, odd-shaped pieces, and rare pieces of furniture. This trailer doubles as an enclosed motorcycle trailer and can protect your ride from weather damage. This trailer is another popular choice for businesses that frequently tow or transport goods and equipment.

U-Haul Utility Trailer Sizes

U-Haul Utility Trailers aren’t necessarily meant for long-distance trips. Moving an expensive piece of dining room furniture in a utility trailer is highly unadvised. These trailers work best for fast, in-town trips, landscaping supplies, and other outdoor furniture.

What Fits in a 4×7 U-Haul Utility Trailer

The 4×7 U-Haul Utility Trailer is their smallest option available. The 4×7 utility trailer has a max load of 1,770lb. This trailer size works well for landscaping projects, home improvements, and hauling appliances.

You can use this trailer for hauling single rooms, basic patio furniture, tools, and other outdoor supplies. This trailer is best suited for short in-town relocations.

What Fits in a 5×8 U-Haul Utility Trailer

The 5×8 U-Haul Utility Trailer is their mid-size offering. This mid-size trailer is one of their most popular and affordable options. The 5×8 utility trailer has a max load of 1,890 lbs.

This trailer is ideal for transporting business goods, building supplies, plants, furniture, camping gear, and even some vehicles. You can fit a single bedroom in this trailer as well.

What Fits in a 6×12 U-Haul Utility Trailer

U-Hauls 6×12 Utility Trailer is currently their largest option. This trailer is best suited for large-scale jobs and projects, as it has a max load capacity of 2,670 lbs. Opt for this trailer If you need to take excess materials to the dump or haul farm supplies.

You can fit several rooms in this trailer. Moving queen-sized beds, awkward pieces of furniture, and even small ATVs make good use of this utility trailer.

Which Size Trailer Should I Rent?

How U-Haul Trailer Sizes

The correct size rental trailer will come down to your vehicle’s towing capacity, your furniture, and the distance you’re traveling. Enclosed cargo trailers protect valuables from damage and work for any trip length. Utility trailers are best suited for fast, in-town moves and sturdier pieces of furniture.

The small 4×8 Cargo Trailer will work well for compact and narrow pieces of furniture. The mid-sized 5×8 Cargo Trailer can fit queen-sized beds, sofas, and furniture sets. The largest cargo trailer will allow you to move multiple rooms and pieces of furniture. Opt for a utility trailer if you’re moving outdoor furniture, grills, or ATVs.

If you’re unsure which size is correct for your moving needs, you can contact your local U-Haul dealer. Use the official location finder to locate a store near you. From there, speak with a crew member to determine the best size rental vehicle for your needs.

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