How to Cancel Pizza Hut Order?

Pizza Hut is an excellent place to get some pizza quickly. However, maybe you rushed through the order process and forgot an item, or you chose the wrong pizza.

If you realize your mistake, you might want to cancel it. That way, you don’t have to waste food or worry about not having everything you wanted.

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How Do You Cancel a Pizza Hut Order?

You can cancel a Pizza Hut order in the app, at the store, or by calling. Make sure you have your pizza order number along with your payment information. In the app, you don’t need that but will need access to your Pizza Hut account.

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel an online order after you place it. This is true if you try to cancel online or over the phone.

Ways to Cancel Your Pizza Hut Order

The steps to cancel a Pizza Hut order depend on how you choose to cancel the food. You have three main options, and each has a few easy steps to take.

How to Cancel Pizza Hut Order

Here’s what you need to know to cancel an order from Pizza Hut.

Use the App

One of the easiest ways to cancel Pizza Hut is to use the company’s app. You’ll need to download the app if you haven’t already. Then, you can log into your Pizza Hut account.

Click on “My Subscriptions” to bring up a list of your order history. Look for your most recent order and click on “Cancel Order.”

Pizza Hut will ask for a reason, so be honest. Maybe you didn’t order the right size of pizza, or perhaps you want a different crust. Or you might have just gotten busy and realized you won’t have time to eat the food. Either way, give a reason to finalize the cancellation.

Call the Store

Another option is to call Pizza Hut customer service at 1-800-948-8488. They’ll ask for your contact information and method of payment for the order. That way, they can issue a proper refund.

You’ll also need to give them the order number. Look in your email to find the order number if you don’t have it already. The employee will use these details to process your request.

Calling your local Pizza Hut is also an option. You might want to try the store and the general number to see which has a shorter wait period.

Go to the Store

While it’s not as convenient, you can go to the Pizza Hut location to cancel your order. This is the easiest if you live close by or if you placed your order well ahead of the delivery time.

It’s also a good choice if you want to cancel and place a different order. You can wait around for them to make the pizza you want.

Or if you want to cancel an order where you forgot an item, you don’t have to cancel it. You can simply order and pay for the missing item separately.

Pizza Hut Refund Policy

If you cancel or edit an order, Pizza Hut will refund you the proper amount. Pizza Hut will send the refund to the card you used to pay for the original order.

Also, if you change your order, you could lose out on promotions. Some promos are only available for a short period, so they might not last if you edit your order later.

Can You Cancel a Pizza Hut Order Online?

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel a Pizza Hut order online. If you can’t or don’t want to speak to someone, the easiest alternative is to download and use the Pizza Hut app.

While Pizza Hut doesn’t explain why, it’s possible they don’t have the ability to process refunds without the app or by speaking to you.

Why Would Pizza Hut Deny a Cancellation Request?

Even if you can cancel a Pizza Hut order, the store might deny the request. They can do this for a few reasons.

For one, you need to follow the right steps to cancel your order. You might call or use the app, but if you don’t have the right info, Pizza Hut won’t be able to refund you.

Similarly, Pizza Hut won’t cancel orders after the cancellation window. However, they don’t list how long that window is. Odds are, if the pizza is out for delivery, it’s too late to cancel.

The store won’t take cancellations after an employee delivers the food. If you go the no-contact delivery route, you should still pay attention to the delivery. That way, you can get the food before someone has a chance to steal it.

How Does Canceling a Pizza Hut Order Work?

To cancel a Pizza Hut order, you can use the app or call or visit the restaurant. You’ll need your account information to cancel through the app. When calling or going in person, you’ll want to have your order number and the payment method you used. Then, Pizza Hut can process your request.

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