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Target seems to sell just about everything, but that doesn’t mean they always have everything in stock. You might come across a limited stock warning.

If you see that, it helps to know what that means. Then, you’ll know if you need to buy something right now or if you can afford to wait.

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Meaning Of ‘Limited Availability’ Target

Limited stock means that there are only one or two units of an item in stock. In some cases, the one item is for display only, so it isn’t for sale. At Target, it can also mean that the store won’t replenish the stock once it sells out, so you need to buy it now.

If you want to know for sure what limited availability means, it’s best to call your local Target. They can give you more specifics on the availability.

How do I tell if something has limited stock?

When shopping at Target, you may be able to see if something has limited stock in person. You can look for the item in the store, and if you see one or two left, it might have limited stock. Of course, the store may order more, but that’s not always the case.

Limited Stock

Determining if something has limited stock is also possible online. However, you’ll need to follow a few steps to know for sure.

1. View the Website

Of course, you’ll need to go to Target’s website to start your search. This is best if you have something specific in mind. If you want to compare options, you might have more luck at the store.

But you can still search for multiple items online. You just might need to use more generic search terms or conduct a search for the item you want.

2. Set Your Store

Once you load the website, make sure your store is set correctly. Sometimes, Target might use your last set store, which could be different if you moved. It also might choose the wrong store if your location services aren’t the most accurate.

Either way, you can click on the store name in the top left corner. That will pull up a list of stores near you, so you can scroll through to find the correct location.

3. Search for What You Want

Now, you’re ready to search for the item you want to purchase or learn about. You can use the search bar or click on the Categories button. Then, you’ll be able to browse however you prefer to find the details you need.

As you scroll through the results, you’ll see the title of the item. Below that, it should tell you the price, shipping information, and stock details. You’ll know if the stock is low if you see “Limited stock at [Location Name]” somewhere on the listing.

Depending on the item, you may not be able to pick it up at the store. But you should be able to order it online for delivery.

What to Do If Something Is Low Stock

If you learn an item you want to buy is low stock, you have a few options so that you can still get the item. It’s important to act fast since Target doesn’t always replenish items when they have limited stock.

Consider the following things to decide which is best for you.

Buy Now

The most surefire way to get the item is to purchase it immediately. You can add the product to your cart and choose shipping or other purchase methods if possible.

Of course, you’ll need to have enough money to pay for the product. You’ll also need to use a card rather than cash to purchase it if you’re ordering online.

If you’re in a store and see something is available, grab it off the shelf. You can shop around for other items later. And you can use that time to make sure you still want or need the item and aren’t just buying it because it may never come back.

Call Your Local Target

If you can’t order something online or go to Target, give them a call. You can find the phone number of your local Target on the website.

Then, you’ll be able to ask how many units they have of the item you want. While “limited stock” usually means they won’t reorder, you can ask if they might order more of an item.

You may find that something is seasonal but will come back in a few months. Or perhaps they have a few units, so you can wait to shop at Target until later that day.

Shop Around

Another option is great if you live in a city with multiple Target stores. If the one closest to you doesn’t have the item you need or may run out, look at other locations.

Of course, you can drive around town, but you might want to call each Target store. Then, you can save time and gas but still get accurate stock details.

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If you like to shop online, you can also change your store location on the Target site. Search for the product using the new location to see if there are more at a different address.

Items That Are No Longer For Sale

Limited stock at Target means that the store most likely won’t order another batch of the item. That means when they sell out, the item will no longer be for sale.

If you want to purchase the item in question, you should do so as soon as possible. Or you can shop around to see if other Targets have more stock.

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