Is DoorDash Busy In The Morning?

Is DoorDash Busy In The Morning?

DoorDash is becoming one of the most widely used delivery service apps. Both customers and drivers are turning to this app for its accessibility.

With its gain in popularity, customers and drivers are also trying to figure out the sweet spots for ordering.

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Are Mornings Busy on DoorDash?

While it depends on the market and location, DoorDash may be slower in the mornings. Most customers are heading off to work and don’t have time to order in. These customers may prefer to start ordering closer to lunch. Whether you’re a customer or driver, your mileage will vary.

Is Sunday Good For Mornings?

Whether or not Sunday mornings are busy will depend on your location and market. However, some dashers claim Sunday mornings are their most profitable days.

Is Saturday Good For Mornings?

Saturday mornings may be less profitable than Sunday. The best time for Saturday seems to be the evenings and late at night. It may be a good idea to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Is It Better to Work During the Lunch Rush?

As mentioned earlier, customers may start placing orders closer to lunch. Some dashers claim that the best times to work during the weekday fall are between 10 AM and 2 PM. This time frame gives you access to those having a late breakfast or ordering lunch to the office.

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Is DoorDash Busiest at Night?

The location and market will affect this, but DoorDash seems to be busiest at night. Most dashers claim 5 PM to 9 PM or later are the most active hours for the app.

Drivers also note that these busy hours can extend well into the night. Some drivers recommend staying out to 11 PM or as late as 2 AM on busy nights.

It’s also important to note, calling it a day at 8 PM will severely limit your income. Adjusting your night schedule to reach later hours will increase your revenue by a noticeable amount.

What Days are Best for Deliveries?

As mentioned above, all markets and locations will vary. That being said, the busiest days of the week typically fall from Thursday to Sunday. Most dashers state that the weekend is the best day for working.

It’s important to note that these days also work best with dashing later into the night. However, weekend mornings can potentially be busy due to those experiencing the aftermath of a late night out.

Should I Only Work the Weekends?

The days you decide to work are going to be up to you. However, if you are DoorDashing full time and have the option, it may be wise to take Monday and Tuesday off.

The weekends are the busiest time for DoorDash. Being an independent contractor allows you to set your schedule and work your hours. Since this isn’t like a typical 9-5, you may be able to earn more by adjusting your plan accordingly.

When Should I Take Breaks?

The best dashers say you should take breaks during non-peak hours. An example would be dashing from 9 AM to 1 PM and taking a three to five-hour break. This type of schedule allows you to hit peak hours while skipping out on the slow periods.

Another method is to take breaks during rush hours. An example would be to take a break from 5 to 5:30, allowing you to skip the rush of traffic.

How Do I Figure Out the Best Times to Dash?

Figuring out the best times to deliver orders will rely heavily on your market and location. The best way to determine the most profitable hours is to work them.

Work across a variety of hours, including mornings, lunch, dinner, and late nights. Track your earnings and see which time frame is the most profitable. From there, you can determine if that fits within your schedule or lifestyle.

Also, be sure to figure out when there’s a good time to take breaks. This aspect of scheduling can go overlooked and is essential to your overall productivity.

Is There a Lot of Competition in the Mornings?

There seem to be fewer drivers out in the mornings. Fewer drivers may be in part to DoorDash having busier hours later at night.

Mornings may be a good time to have less competition and pick up more orders. On the flip side, mornings may be utterly void of orders. Do your due diligence and test which days and times are best for you.

Is the Morning the Best Time to Order DoorDash?

DoorDash may be slower in the mornings. Busy hours will depend on your location and market. Customers may start placing orders closer to brunch and lunchtimes. It’s a good idea to get a feel for your market and determine the best hours for DoorDash.

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