Is It Better to DoorDash In Rich Neighborhoods?

You are a new DoorDash driver and you have heard rumors that it is better to DoorDash in rich neighborhoods. I will tell you if this even matters and what you should really do in all actuality.

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Is It Good to DoorDash in Rich Neighborhoods?

It is okay to DoorDash in rich neighborhoods. It can actually be a good thing for a number of different reasons. DoorDashing in rich neighborhoods can be a pleasant experience for you because the people may tip better which means you get paid more.

Does It Matter What Neighborhood I Dash In?

No, to a certain extent, it really does not matter what neighborhood you dash in. On the other hand, it does matter also to a certain extent. You may not want to dash in bad neighborhoods because of the high crime rates.

You may prefer to dash in a rich neighborhood because the crime rates are low. Also, they may be willing to tip bigger than people in other neighborhoods. There may be other reasons why it matters to you what neighborhood you dash in.

I’m sure you have your preferences and your reasons why you prefer certain neighborhoods. It can be difficult to work rich neighborhoods because rich people are sometimes very rude. They frown upon people who don’t live like them or have what they have.

Do Rich People Tip More?

Is It Better to DoorDash In Rich Neighborhoods_

Not always. Some rich people will give you a bigger tip. However, what you will learn or find out is that rich people can be cheap tightwads. They are stingier with their money than people who are less fortunate.

Do not go into a rich neighborhood with the idea that you are going to get a bigger tip. You may be very disappointed because that is not always the case. Even if someone tells you that rich people tip more, don’t believe it right away.

Be the judge yourself of whether rich people tip more or not. This means you go to the rich neighborhoods by taking some orders and decide then if this is something you want to keep doing.

Do I Make More Money in Rich Neighborhoods?

This is not necessarily true. You don’t just make more money in rich neighborhoods. I’m not going to lie and say it is not possible.

You may come across some really friendly rich people who like tipping the nice delivery person. Keep in mind that I said you have to be nice and friendly to the homeowner if you want them to even consider giving you a bigger tip. But don’t get your hopes up because this is not a guarantee.

No matter how nice you are, you can’t make anyone tip you bigger. Some people will do this out of the kindness of their heart while others will not. So don’t get disappointed or upset if you are as sweet as candy and you still get a small tip.

Some people just do not know how to pay it forward. And some people just do not appreciate good customer service. That is not your fault or anything for you to worry with or be concerned about.

Do your job and try not to worry too much about the money you can make.

Can I Choose to Dash Only in Rich Neighborhoods?

Is It Better to DoorDash In Rich Neighborhoods

Yes, you could choose to work only in rich neighborhoods. But I wouldn’t go as far as doing this. It may be better to work in a variety of neighborhoods but you could avoid the dangerous neighborhoods.

I know that I would switch it up because you will get more orders this way. If you only stick with rich neighborhoods you may not get as many orders as you normally would. So by doing this you’d just be losing money actually.

Is It Better to DoorDash in Wealthy Neighborhoods?

It can be better to DoorDash in wealthy neighborhoods. It really depends on who you are because some people will make the best of working in a wealthy neighborhood while others won’t. Being as nice as possible to the house owner could lead to a bigger tip but being rude will not.

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