DoorDash No Available Delivery Times

You are trying to place an order with DoorDash but yet the app keeps telling you that there are no available delivery times. This is weird and you want to know what is going on and why you can’t place an order. I will try to explain the best way I know how, exactly what is going on.

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Is Delivery Available?

Delivery on DoorDashs’ app may or may not be available. According to some past customers, delivery is only available some of the time but most of the time it is not available. Delivery is available when you are trying to place an order and you can actually choose a delivery time.

Sometimes, you will not be able to choose delivery times but when you are able to I would take it and run with it. Being able to choose a delivery time from DoorDash is very rare and doesn’t happen too often.

Why Is DoorDash Delivery Unavailable?

There is really no telling why DoorDash delivery is unavailable. Come to find out, this is usually the situation with DoorDash. Their delivery is almost always unavailable according to some reviewers who have tried to place orders with this delivery service.

Does DoorDash Deliver In My Area?

DoorDash No Available Delivery Times_

The truth is that DoorDash may or may not deliver in your area. You can check to see if they deliver in your area by going into the app and typing in your address. If they don’t deliver in your area you should get a notification that says they don’t.

If they do deliver to your area there will be delivery dates that populate for you to choose from. Sometimes they do deliver to your area but there still won’t be any available delivery dates.

Are There Enough Workers for Delivery?

There may or may not be enough workers for delivery. What this means is that if there are enough DoorDash gig workers there will be available dates for you to choose from. However, if there are not enough gig workers, there will likely not be any available delivery dates.

It is almost like DoorDash has some sort of switch that they can turn on and off when drivers are available. If you live in a small area, DoorDash may not be going well in your area just yet. There may be a shortage of workers in your area.

What to Do If Delivery Is Unavailable?

If delivery is unavailable you could be patient and wait for it to come up. I know this is much easier said than done, especially when you are very hungry. But sometimes there is nothing else you can do but wait it out.

Being patient with DoorDash may or may not work out well for you. You want to be patient so that your order is handled with care once you do order. However, this does not always work and it may not do you any good.

If delivery is unavailable you may need to try and contact DoorDash support. This could cause them to get on their jobs and actually check the system for any issues. Once issues are found because there are always issues with DoorDash and their system, they can fix those issues or at least work on them.

Another thing you can do is call corporate office and complain about the delivery system not working. There is always an issue with DoorDash and so you should let corporate office know that their system is always messed up and it is preventing you from placing an order.

DoorDash corporate office won’t be so happy about losing customers and even more so losing money. So the best thing for them to do is rectify the issue at hand.

DoorDash Alternatives

DoorDash No Available Delivery Times

There is another thing that you can do if all else fails. You could simply order from someone else but you may not know who to order with. Let me be the first to say that not all delivery services are created equal but all of them have their pros and cons.

With that being said, UberEats is one delivery service that you could try to order from instead of fussing and fighting with DoorDash. You do not have to put up with DoorDash because they are reckless and care nothing about you or your business.

GrubHub is another delivery service that I do not know a whole lot about but one thing I do know is that they have DoorDash beat. It doesn’t take much to beat DoorDash as a delivery service because they suck horribly.

Try one of these DoorDash alternatives and if you aren’t 100 percent sure which one to try just look it up. Do a Google search and check out some of the reviews for each service.

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